The big idea: how keeping warm wards off loneliness | Science and nature books | The Guardian

Recent research suggests that the energy crisis threatens not only our physical health, but our sense of social connection too — Read on

‘Extinction is on the table’: Jaron Lanier warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity | Technology | The Guardian

The American computer scientist, who coined the term ‘virtual reality,’ cautions against online ‘psychological operatives’ — Read on aw shite, I'm still on them! Despite seeing this man ans a visionary and reading his books. 2023 - must try harder!


Poem to boost your mood

Wonderful piece from the guardian today on 50 by prima to raise your spirits.  Going to try to seek out all fifty between now and Christmas!  Here’s the article

The A Team form a militant union Spotted on Twitter (ht to Union Drip) and too good not to share! Clips from the episode Labour Pains. From 1983. The more things change eh…

LeedsBookClub Christmas!

Yippee! It’s that time of the year! Am busy organising the @LeedsBookClub Christmas do for December and feeling incredibly excited to see everyone in person again! Since March 2020, there have now been a total of 75 book clubs via zoom; 1 Christmas meet up face to face and 3 in person book clubs. So … Continue reading LeedsBookClub Christmas!

Readalong with Laini

As Laini and I have been reading along together for 2 and a half years, we decided that we were well overdue the creation of a spreadsheet. After all, it is Laini who has sorted through over a decade and a half of book clubs, to gather information on authors, genras, score and so on. … Continue reading Readalong with Laini

2022 – SOTD – Week 46

Up to date with my Song of the Day project and only three blogs behind! Since I've had the big sort out and deleted the last two years, I've lost a bit of momentum regarding my daily posting but as it is dark, cold, wet and miserable out there, I am determined to regain my … Continue reading 2022 – SOTD – Week 46

SOTD – Hits Different – Taylor Swift

The Literature Clock

This is incredible! It tells the time via passage from books. And I can’t stop checking it! (Found via a toot on mastodon. Thanks sent to the OP for this is going to be a bookmarked favourite!)

Quick Review – The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

This evening, we curled up for a movie night, after a pretty frantic few weeks. It was X’s pick and he went for The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Starting Nicholas Cage, Nicky Cage (digitally altered Wild at Heart era manifestation of his ambition), Nic Cage in film flashbacks as well as a very small, … Continue reading Quick Review – The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent