I made an owl!

D has sent me the most gorgeous and unique jigsaw of a painted Owl. Thank you and virtual hugs! It arrived in the cutest little box and each piece is exquisite! Some of the pieces are animals and birds, some feathers and acorns. Some are just weird and wild shapes but every single one is … Continue reading I made an owl!

SOTD – BardCore Cover – Somebody that I used to know

X just sent me this. It’s a cover of the Gotye feat Kimbra song with a bardcore/medieval twist. https://youtu.be/Ch1aVmjvYTI So I clearly have a mew obsession to go explore.

3 Good Things – Week 2

So very glad to be doing this, because January is proving to be long, tedious, wet and cold. A particularly January January. I published the first instalment of this little project on the 5th. It's been...a wild whirlwind since then. Here in the UK, the third lockdown is not easy but the high daily death … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Week 2

Vital Update – PIXAR

Watching the Pixar movies during lockdown 3 was a GENIUS decision. It’s not a vaccine but it’s a tonic for sure. HIGHLY recommend. Only two films in and I can feel my emotional resilience building up. I didn’t formally decide to do a proper rewatch but after watching Brave before Christmas and then D and … Continue reading Vital Update – PIXAR

2021 – SOTD – Week 1

Is 2021 over yet? Ok, I'm not quite there yet but what a hectic week! How can so much have occurred here and globally in such a short span of time. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL76VZyjGCg8DR0jOdnyaenQQxENmZ1S9S No 1 - The Last Rose of Cintra - Giona Ostinelli & Sonya Belousova Monday 1st January As I stated yesterday, I've beginning … Continue reading 2021 – SOTD – Week 1

SOTD – Beautiful Ghosts – Taylor Swift

On a whim, I set myself a Twitter watchalong challenge to watch Cats this evening. It’s been an experience. I have thoughts. And a persistent internal scream ‘WHHHHHHY????’ However, the original song by Taylor Swift fits beautifully into the musical so I’ve picked it as my SOTD. https://youtu.be/vEpEO3Qlwb0

Virtue ‘Signalling’ – having a little rant

So, I’m not really ranting - this is one of those vents that I periodically need to get off my chest. Twice in one calendar year - I feel so trendy and cool - The Guardian has a piece today on the increasing closeness between the formerly independent WhatApp and Facebook - "WhatsApp users are … Continue reading Virtue ‘Signalling’ – having a little rant

Song of the Day – Week 53

The numbers are a bit squiffy because my weeks always start on Mondays - regardless of actual dates. And there we have it! A full year of Songs - I've hugely enjoyed sharing these with you. This past year time has been a slippery creature, so I've found this weekly task (even when I've been … Continue reading Song of the Day – Week 53

Song of the Day – Week 52

Guessing that it's a bit redundant to wish you all festive joy now - but I was sending it out into the world this whole week! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL76VZyjGCg8CzIbRSqTLqsaJIoyE71eKE No 357 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Michael Buble Monday 21st December Happy Solstice! No 358 - Prisoner - Miley Cyrus & Duo Lipa Tuesday 22nd … Continue reading Song of the Day – Week 52

By Heart – 2 – Differences of Opinion by Wendy Copy

Cross posted from LBC as Tinker Tailor Solider Spy is SO GOOD! I've roughly two hours to go and I will be finishing this tonight!!!!! My first attempt worked quite well. While I wasn’t word perfect by any means, I was able to recall most of The Eagle, nearly two months after I learned it. So … Continue reading By Heart – 2 – Differences of Opinion by Wendy Copy