Only kidding

I don’t to adult anymore.Don’t even want to be human.I want to goat. Jump around randomly. Eat what I want. And head butt anyone who annoys me.

Now almost watched – Moxie

But my internet conked out. Le sigh. That’s what selina and I would have watched. Mind you, we did watch Enola Holmes and I’ve yet to write that up so perhaps it’s a shush night?

By the numbers – taking stock (likely part 1)

It's not yet ten and I am zonked, for all the right reasons. As part of my ongoing 3 Good Things project, I've been trying to reflect on what I've been up to. This isn't an exhaustive list by any means - which is so cool to say! Because while it feels like NOTHING AT … Continue reading By the numbers – taking stock (likely part 1)

Kill The Monster – Insane Animals

As promised yesterday. Today has been exhausting. Meetings for 6 hours!!! is too many meetings. Got a walk in though, Pilates for the first time in YEARS with X and caught up with D’elle. So...this isn’t a cheat blog, it’s totally a real informative post.

SOTD – is an IOU from Insane Animals

Not because I don’t have one! It’s just not released (for you people) until tomorrow. Remember that musical from this time last year - BLOG HERE? While I’ve had the chorus of Insane Animals (the song) in my head all day (“We are the insane animals, we are INSANE!”), I’ve also been leaning towards the … Continue reading SOTD – is an IOU from Insane Animals

3 Good Things – Quietly Content

Have had a lovely relaxing, yet productive day. As I forgot to turn off my alarm, I woke at 8ish then got that glorious free wheeling sleep where you don’t go into a deep sleep but you know you don’t have to get up until whenever! By 11, I was craving coffee which I took … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Quietly Content

3 Good Things – Week 8 – Feel that?

1. It’s Friday. 2. I sorted the front garden just in time for summer. 3. I worked super hard. 4. Just cheating now - I read with a friend. 5. Proper brag - And I sang along to some old favourites. Included were: Miley Cyrus Stevie NicksPrefab SproutTaylor SwiftHozierDolores Keane MILCK

2021 – SOTD – Week 6

This was that week that I have no recollection of - I mean, I could always read my own blog posts but come on! No 36 - Snow (Alternative) - Harry NilssonFriday 5th FebruaryNo idea. Seriously...are we sure this day really happened? No 37 - I'm Only Happy When It Rains - GarbageSaturday 6th … Continue reading 2021 – SOTD – Week 6

3 Good Things – Nearly thru February

Not that I’m wishing my life away or anything, but honestly, this has been a long month, especially considering that it’s the shortest one. Still - ups and downs aside - sunset was 5.36pm this evening, which I have taken full advantage of. Pottered in the garden, walked down to the abbey - given the … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Nearly thru February

Excellent thread

Have just been sent the following thread from a year ago. I really needed to read this today. Hope that it’s helpful to you too!