3 Good Things

Many moons ago, when going through a wobbly period, it was suggested that I start trying to record 3 Good Things each day.

It meant that I ended up looking for the positive, not the negative in a day. As well as meaning that I did things specifically so that I could ‘count’ them. (An excellent suggestion, Aunt M!)

In 2020, that evolved into my Song Of the Day Challenge – which I have hugely enjoyed. It’s helped keep me anchored in a very disorientating year – and helps that I started it prior to the Unmentionable (The Global Pandemic. Covid 19. The Corona Virus – you know?) so I’ll be keeping it up this year.

For 2021, I’ve decided to record at least one Three Good Things a week. Hopefully this will become easier and easier to do as the year progresses.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated 🙂

3 Good Things – Sunday

I’d say I’m overdoing these but … well maybe, but happy memories right now are precious! 1. Lilies Dropped the chap off to a wedding and headed home to find some of my lilies are flowering. Stunning! 2. Streets of Rage 4 (easy mode) Finally made it to the final big bosses with a few … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Sunday

Mighty Oaks… in waiting.

Anyone remember my fridge acorn project from last year? If so, you’re doing better than me. After seeing the acorns in their little bag, tucked away on the back of the fridge this week, I casually asked my dad when I should take them out and plant them. March was his reply. Whoops. None of … Continue reading Mighty Oaks… in waiting.

First jab down

Huzzah! No side effects so far (praise the skies) but shattered from the drive. Will attempt an actual newsy blog tomorrow.

RECITATION – Do not go gentle

Michael Sheen recites Dylan Thomas’ poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ as part of the reopening of the National Theatre. #BackOnStage RECITATION – Do not go gentle

Hope you have a lovely day

(Idea for this blog is directly lifted from the muppet history Twitter account from yesterday. I have no remorse)

Weekend Away – Day 1

My honey is back! Hooray! Naturally (!), our first thought was to get away… I jest of course, but it’s been a very long 8 months and I’m still pretty cautious about the whole opening up thing, so we agreed that a weekend in the Moors would be just the thing. We’d a late start … Continue reading Weekend Away – Day 1

Garden – It’s blossoming time

After training today, I took a half hour to reacquaint myself with my little garden. Now there’s a bit of order, the sporadic splashes of colour seem more vivid. Perhaps it’s just that little bit more exciting to see flowers after unexpected snow. In April. Joy in every pot.

End of year review day

It went very well. I’m bouncing. So to celebrate – and as I was in town anyway – I picked up ALL the meat and treats at the South Africa/Zimbabwe market shop. Not pictured, 2 cans of Lemon Twist – the greenest, sharpest, sweetest drink ever. No, it’s not all for me. Even in my … Continue reading End of year review day

3 Good Things – Today has been full of them!

The housemates decided to let off a bit of steam last night so it was 80’s hits till 3am and laughter till later. Despite that, I woke up relatively early and very cheerful. I know – no logic to it!

3 Good Things – Photo Day

1. Pretty flowers!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Unexpected and such a lovely cheery hug to arrive in the post! Thank you X – the weekend looks more colourful already! 2. Care Package But wait…there’s more! My parents sent me a hug via the post too! Pj’s, slippers (not pictured as on feet), a top and a cookery book. … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Photo Day

3 Good Things – Week 8 – Feel that?

1. It’s Friday. 2. I sorted the front garden just in time for summer. 3. I worked super hard. 4. Just cheating now – I read with a friend. 5. Proper brag – And I sang along to some old favourites. Included were: Miley Cyrus Stevie Nicks Prefab Sprout Taylor Swift Hozier Dolores Keane MILCK

“It’s alive!”

The front garden is looking a little bare, but is mine again now the scaffolding (and chimney!) has been removed. The skip is – rather annoyingly – still there. But nevermind. This summer, we’ll be properly able to sit out there and enjoy the sun. Huzzah! And in the back, I’ve found shoots! Even just … Continue reading “It’s alive!”

3 Good Things – Week 7

Would it be terribly narcissistic if I am the subject of my own 3 Good Things? Yes, well, indulge me this once – I’m feeling so chuffed!


Sent to me by D. Thank you. Such a lovely idea.

3 Good Things – Week 3

This has been a very sorrowful week. It has not been easy to focus on finding positive things through the sadness, though of course, these are the times when it becomes most important to try to. According to the #DaylightBot, we’re up to 7hours and 34 minutes of daylight. Today will be 3mins brighter than … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Week 3

Ummm – Wax

I think I need to figure out what to do with my wax this weekend. Otherwise I’m just some nutter with a wax collection. Ha ha ha… Cough… Ahem… I do have wicks now. So that’s a step in the right direction.

3 Good Things – Week 2

So very glad to be doing this, because January is proving to be long, tedious, wet and cold. A particularly January January. I published the first instalment of this little project on the 5th. It’s been…a wild whirlwind since then. Here in the UK, the third lockdown is not easy but the high daily death … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Week 2

Week 1 – 3 Good Things

So, it’s been 295 days since I was instructed to work from home last March. And Day 1 of the UK’s third national lockdown. During the first lockdown, I was very conscious that I was going to need to work hard to not lose myself in fear and misery. And me being me – I … Continue reading Week 1 – 3 Good Things