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3 Good Things – Blissful Day

Today has been just lovely. Gorgeous weather and a sense that everything is sorted and in its proper place. Wonderful feeling! First thing, I got flowers! Really stunning, long stemmed and a colour that is pure summer. And while X was out for a haircut, I finished my book club book for tomorrow. From the … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Blissful Day

HOME TOURIST – Bempton cliffs

A few weeks ago, we got a new (for us, not new new) car. It’s so not-uncomfortable! And has AC and the seats don’t actively try to harm us! Huzzah! It’s very exciting. Obviously, we got CD’s to mark the occasion. So immediately, we decided to go on an adventure. Last year (or two years … Continue reading HOME TOURIST – Bempton cliffs

Jigsaw – Whitby

Before we left Whitby, I picked up a tiny jigsaw for X as a momento. A Wentworth wooden puzzle, to be precise. It’s very cute. Each piece (again – I’m a sucker for shaped pieces) is unique but with a particularly nautical theme, as you might expect from a coastal town.

Weekend Away Day 3

Yesterday had all the hallmarks of being a bit of a dud, actually. We both of us felt full of head cold and utterly exhausted, in that way that only emerges after a few days of complete relaxation. If we’d been in Wales, we’d have stayed in and started a jigsaw. Unfortunately, the weather was … Continue reading Weekend Away Day 3

Weekend Away Day 2

Yesterday was a leeetle bit chillier than we had hoped, so we stayed local in the morning. It was also my S-I-L’s birthday so got some great family chats going throughout the day! And then we visited the sea!!! I did not get in because it’s like 6° but just being in its vicinity is … Continue reading Weekend Away Day 2

Weekend Away – Day 1

My honey is back! Hooray! Naturally (!), our first thought was to get away… I jest of course, but it’s been a very long 8 months and I’m still pretty cautious about the whole opening up thing, so we agreed that a weekend in the Moors would be just the thing. We’d a late start … Continue reading Weekend Away – Day 1

Coming soon…

We’re having adventures again! But I guess I need to live them before I can blog them!!!

Walk – The Canal from city to kirkstall

Went for a wander today. Through granary wharf. From city centre to kirkstall Artsey 1 Artsey 2 Artsey 3 I know I’m not a great photographer but it brings me such joy just to try. You know?

3 Good Things – Today has been full of them!

The housemates decided to let off a bit of steam last night so it was 80’s hits till 3am and laughter till later. Despite that, I woke up relatively early and very cheerful. I know – no logic to it!

I love my city

Went for a walk along the river yesterday evening.

3 Good Things – Week 8 – Feel that?

1. It’s Friday. 2. I sorted the front garden just in time for summer. 3. I worked super hard. 4. Just cheating now – I read with a friend. 5. Proper brag – And I sang along to some old favourites. Included were: Miley Cyrus Stevie Nicks Prefab Sprout Taylor Swift Hozier Dolores Keane MILCK

Re Christmas Rearrangements

2020. The year that keeps on giving. Two weeks ago, I could have planned something. Now, you absolute shower of shites, it’s madness. Facilitated by the worst govt in living memory.

Little wander

Went for a walk yesterday (shocker), visited the Abbey (stunned into silence now) and the nature reserve…via the canal (practically swooning at this point, right?). The salmon bridge is complete. The access bridge removed and hopefully the last of the work remnants will be removed shortly. The abbey will soon be returned to her ruined … Continue reading Little wander


Today has been a day of doing those boring jobs that don’t actually take up much time but that you put off forever. Like tax and paperwork and moving nonsense from one place to another. It’s not vital. But it does come with a sense of satisfaction. And I got my walk in. Which was … Continue reading Sorting

Snakes and Ladders

As of Monday, Leeds will be in Tier 3. Another patch of the north turned red. 😔 From the Leeds City council email: Latest updates to Leeds restrictions The government has announced that from Monday 2 November, Leeds will move into the ‘very high’ COVID alert level (tier 3), with the latest seven day COVID-19 rate … Continue reading Snakes and Ladders

Walking to Thwaite Watermill

This week, I headed out for a stroll in the city centre. My walk across the bridge and past the Royal Armouries was masked, hurried and distracted. However, I relaxed once I hit open spaces. On previous walks, I don’t think we went further than the sun dial a little further up the footpath. So … Continue reading Walking to Thwaite Watermill

Leeds Laser Light Night 2020

Leeds is a city that loves to shine. For the past 16 years, for two nights in October – just as the long dark settles upon us – Leeds has celebrated Art in the Dark.

Just a touch of sun…

And everything feels a little bit better. Well…looks better anyway!

Bedraggled but Beautiful

Well, the Abbey is struggling with the rainfall, but doing its best.

BLOG – Birdwatching on the Canal

This week I took a stroll down the Leeds Liverpool canal and – for a change – decided not to focus on twitter, the guardian or wizards unite.


3 Good Things – Photo Day

1. Pretty flowers!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Unexpected and such a lovely cheery hug to arrive in the post! Thank you X – the weekend looks more colourful already! 2. Care Package But wait…there’s more! My parents sent me a hug via the post too! Pj’s, slippers (not pictured as on feet), a top and a cookery book. … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Photo Day


From D’elle re Brigid’s traditions ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍

A Brigid Eve Tradition

Ok – I know that it’s a little late in the day, but I’ve got a little job for you. Grab a hanky or a scarf and your coat, because my mother just sent me this image: And followed it up with Information: Hannah your Cork grandmother always left out a clean piece of white … Continue reading A Brigid Eve Tradition

It’s Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice, to those who celebrate it. Enjoy the returning of the light one and all. Newgrange was built 500 years before the Pyramids in Egypt and more than 1,000 years before Stonehenge. When conditions are right on the solstice, a narrow beam of light penetrates the roof-box above the entrance to the passage at … Continue reading It’s Winter Solstice

My School Did A Lip Sync with all the other schools in town…

As an ‘old girl’ (😭) of the SHS (Sacred Heart School), I’m very proud to see them engaged in such a great cause! Presented without comment. Though I have SO MANY. Schools in Offaly came together to produce a lip-sync video and post it to their school’s social media account the week starting Dec 14th … Continue reading My School Did A Lip Sync with all the other schools in town…

Advent Calendar Extraordinaire!

You know how I’m oddly competitive about things that can’t be won? Like tweeting ‘my book clubbers are better than yours’ at every opportunity? Thing is, it’s objectively true…from my perspective…but therefore somewhat hard to prove. Well…my friends are AMAZING and I’m not going to even make it a competition because.. well…you’ll see. During the … Continue reading Advent Calendar Extraordinaire!

On the other hand…

Even today did have some moment of pure light and joy. My niece turned 3 today. So my brother facetimed us to watch her open her presents and share her birthday cake with her brother. You might remember I sent her a book, illustrating What A Wonderful World. So tonight seems the perfect time to … Continue reading On the other hand…

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