Song of the Day

For the last few years, I have been trying to record a song for each day.

It is partially to help me remember the songs that I hear and love, but also part of a larger plan to help me pull out positives in a day, every day, when I was going through a difficult time.

(I initially started this by trying to record 3 Good Things each day. It meant that I ended up looking for the positive, not the negative in a day. As well as meaning that I did things specifically so that I could ‘count’ them. An excellent suggestion Aunt M!)

From 2020, I have decided to share them here. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated 🙂

  • There aren’t really any rules – it just has to be a song that I have heard during the day or had a strong reaction to.
  • If I hear a song multiple times in a week or on two or three consecutive days, I tend to end up picking that too.
  • And if I haven’t found anything meaningful in a day, I will ask for recommendations from family or friends.

You’ll find my choices for 2022 below.

An Post Christmas Adverts

Featuring music from The Magic of Christmas song from earlier this week by Lyra, the Irish postal service has created this lovely two parter advert. Lovely idea, popping a little bit of friendship into the post ‘Send from the Heart’ – perhaps it’s something we should consider utilising over here too 🙂 * This was…

2022 – SOTD – Week 49

An excellent week music wise – and I’m now back up to date with these. Huzzah! Am now considering doing an album a week – highlight my favourites and learning a bit more. Hopefully by the time 2023 actually starts, I’ll have figured out what I want to do!

2022 – SOTD – Week 48

Well, we’ve made it to December – just about intact! Only 4 more of these until years end.  If you’ve any suggestions on what I could do for SOTD next year to mix it up a bit, do let me know! I’m currently thinking of a genre or era a month – January – early…

2022 – SOTD – Week 47

Whoops, have fallen a few weeks behind, but at least I’ve been making notes! Am thinking of shaking up my SOTD for next year. Perhaps picking a theme or genra for a month, rather than capturing songs out ‘in the wild’. If you’ve any ideas or recommendations, do let me know!

SOTD – Carol of the bells/ Shchedryk

Ht to Alex Kokcharov for this tweet this morning: It’s December. It means it’s high time for Carol of the Bells / Shchedryk, a beautiful melody by the Ukrainian composer Leontovych which is based on traditional Ukrainian carols: Alex Kokcharov From YouTube: ✽ “Shchedryk” (the original “Carol of the Bells”) with lyrics I’ve translated from…

2022 – SOTD – Week 46

Up to date with my Song of the Day project and only three blogs behind! Since I’ve had the big sort out and deleted the last two years, I’ve lost a bit of momentum regarding my daily posting but as it is dark, cold, wet and miserable out there, I am determined to regain my…

SOTD – Victorias Secret by Jax

Heard via tiktok and an instant love. Tiktok version I found that spoke to me: (I mean spoke to me, sure, but I’m too old to have been pressured by that particular brand)

2022 – SOTD – Week 40

Presented without comment as I’m so far behind. Again! But this time with the whole of the log and not just music…so…negative yippee…  

2022 – SOTD – Week 39

Week 39 and finally heading off on a bit of a holiday! Next weeks tracks will be from the Lake District! This week was mostly spent running around in circles getting very little actually achieved. 

2022 – SOTD – Week 38

Some excellent tracks for you this week! Good for you but more helpful for me as with an unexpected bank holiday, I have been completely upside down and inside out and the music has been the only thing that has grounded me to know which day is which!! 

SOTD – The River – Bruce Springsteen

My song of the day because ‘I got a job working construction,For the Jonestown company.But lately there ain’t been much work,On account of the economy’ Also, I sang it in a play once and one of our neighbours used to sing this to us young folk a very long time ago.

2022 – SOTD – Week 37

Having a bit of an introspective week, so let’s go straight to the music!

2022 – SOTD – Week 36

Whispers to myself…I think…I think I’m up to date. Feels weird!

2022 – SOTD – Week 35

Still behind and still not properly recording the details of these but getting a bit better.  

SOTD – Over the hills and far away

Have been introduced to Sharpe – I missed this epic 64 years show the first time round (15 years actually) and loved it. In Sharpes Eagle – the one we watched (no 2), I was struck by a secondary character who sings the old military songs, including this – the title track. John Tams -…

Short SOTD

Bones in the Ocean by The Longest John and Malinda Absolutely stunning!

2022 – SOTD – Week 33

Another blast from the past week. Am dutifully recording these but appear to have fallen out of love with blogging this month – with family visiting (hooray!) and lots of to-ing and fro-ing I’m out of the habit but will catch up this week and start back into it properly from next. 

2022 – SOTD – Week 32

Nearly up to speed. And it was such a joyous time having my family here that I wanted to share the cheer with you all.  

SOTD – Wise Up – Aimee Mann

Finally finished season one of Ted Lasso – what a beautiful show! I never thought that a show about football would grip me so much (I mean, I really enjoyed Friday Night Lights but that was a show of a very different nature) – but of course, Ted Lasso really isn’t a show about football!…

Welcome to the internet

Ella.rene on tiktok Welcome to the internet song by Bo Burnham

2022 – SOTD – Week 28

Still a little behind myself, but slowly but surely getting there 😀 

2022 – SOTD – Week 26

Still playing catch up. At least I’m in the right month from now on!

2022 – SOTD – Week 24

I’m so far behind with these again! So I can’t remember what I heard and where anymore!

SOTD – Shout out to Steve (@FixatedOn)

Every time I hear this song I remember two people Jenser – who introduced me to Ash. She would join us on epic school holidays across Namibia, South Africa, Botswana – where there was game and laughter, you’d find Jenny! She’s still out in South Africa so it’s her. Years since I’ve seen her but…

2022 – SOTD – Week 23

An excellent week – got out and about with a friend, had my readalong, chatted as an alternative to watch along, made it aqua aerobics and had a book club!* Huzzah! *Still on zoom but am working on a face to face meet up in July. 

2022 – SOTD – Week 22

Weird week weather wise – beautiful sunshine one minute, deluge of rain the next! Headed down to Milton Keynes for a braai; worked right up to the Bank Holiday and then not a moment longer and have finally sorted the nonsense under my bed. Ok, that last might not sound like much a bank holiday…

SOTD – Judy Blume by Amanda Palmer (& Neil Gaiman)

Absolutely love this phenomenal homage to Judy Blume and the characters that helped shape those of us fortunate enough to have escaped into her books. It’s from 2013, but I have only just heard it (courtesy of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) Lyrics [Verse 1]People keep asking me why I do things like I doIn…

SOTD – Boccherini – Master and Commander

Drive down for a family barbecue today and listened to the entirety of this soundtrack. Absolutely brilliant! Gorgeous music and fun to try and match the songs to the scenes of a film we both know so well. The day was great fun – we had a grocery delivery by a robot (which was as…