HOME TOURIST – Bempton cliffs

A few weeks ago, we got a new (for us, not new new) car. It’s so not-uncomfortable! And has AC and the seats don’t actively try to harm us! Huzzah! It’s very exciting. Obviously, we got CD’s to mark the occasion. So immediately, we decided to go on an adventure. Last year (or two years … Continue reading HOME TOURIST – Bempton cliffs

Jigsaw – Whitby

Before we left Whitby, I picked up a tiny jigsaw for X as a momento. A Wentworth wooden puzzle, to be precise. It’s very cute. Each piece (again – I’m a sucker for shaped pieces) is unique but with a particularly nautical theme, as you might expect from a coastal town.

Weekend Away Day 3

Yesterday had all the hallmarks of being a bit of a dud, actually. We both of us felt full of head cold and utterly exhausted, in that way that only emerges after a few days of complete relaxation. If we’d been in Wales, we’d have stayed in and started a jigsaw. Unfortunately, the weather was … Continue reading Weekend Away Day 3

3 Good Things – Week 8 – Feel that?

1. It’s Friday. 2. I sorted the front garden just in time for summer. 3. I worked super hard. 4. Just cheating now – I read with a friend. 5. Proper brag – And I sang along to some old favourites. Included were: Miley Cyrus Stevie Nicks Prefab Sprout Taylor Swift Hozier Dolores Keane MILCK

I made an owl!

D has sent me the most gorgeous and unique jigsaw of a painted Owl. Thank you and virtual hugs! It arrived in the cutest little box and each piece is exquisite! Some of the pieces are animals and birds, some feathers and acorns. Some are just weird and wild shapes but every single one is … Continue reading I made an owl!

Duolingo day 221

The day after I was told to work from home, I started studying Italian on duolingo. I suck. But I’m doing so consistently. It’s become one of the first things I do in a day. The relief I feel at maintaining my streak (and also tracking Lockdown Days In – 222) is…actually it should probably … Continue reading Duolingo day 221

Bookclub, Buddies and Brooding

On Thursday, when chatting with a bestie during our reading night, I was so smug that I was 2 books ahead for two of my book clubs. I could read anything I wanted! And I really harped on about it. (Decided on Wilding by Isabella Tree – I’m only a chapter in but riveted. My … Continue reading Bookclub, Buddies and Brooding

Lazy, rainy, book club day.

Wednesday was just rotten weather wise – so we took full advantage and had a long lazy reading morning. I finished off Dead Famous by Greg Jenner (the October book club choice!) which was such an enjoyable read. Really looking forward to discussing it with the gang. By the afternoon, we were needing to move … Continue reading Lazy, rainy, book club day.

Jigsaw Day (and a walk on the beach)

Having fulfilled our holiday obligation of ‘doing something’, we decided that Wednesday was a rest day. Also, it was raining. So out came the Wasgij (jigsaw backwards). If you’ve never encountered these before, allow me to explain. These are jigsaws…but where the puzzle doesn’t match the image on the box. You’re presented with a view … Continue reading Jigsaw Day (and a walk on the beach)

GameChanger – Year 2

For the second year, I will be participating in Game Changers for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Song of the Day – Week 7

Gotta stop picking songs from BBC Radio 3, I can’t find half of them on YouTube!

Song of the Day – Week 5

It feels like a really long January – good to finally reach the end of the month!


Quick Review – Enola Holmes

Last month, Selina and I did a watch-a-long (whatsapp-a-long) of Enola Holmes. This was a film I had not heard of, based on a series of books I was similarly unaware of by Nancy Springer. Book 01 – The Case of the Missing Marquess Meet Enola Holmes, teenaged girl turned detective and the younger sister … Continue reading Quick Review – Enola Holmes

Now almost watched – Moxie

But my internet conked out. Le sigh. That’s what selina and I would have watched. Mind you, we did watch Enola Holmes and I’ve yet to write that up so perhaps it’s a shush night?

Vital Update – PIXAR

Watching the Pixar movies during lockdown 3 was a GENIUS decision. It’s not a vaccine but it’s a tonic for sure. HIGHLY recommend. Only two films in and I can feel my emotional resilience building up. I didn’t formally decide to do a proper rewatch but after watching Brave before Christmas and then D and … Continue reading Vital Update – PIXAR

SOTD for yesterday

Had a lovely day yesterday and ended up watching The Lego Movie 2 while working in spreadsheets (fun stuff!). Absolutely loved the follow up song and thought if you’d like some cheer… Also, I guess I had in mind that ‘How it started’ meme How it started: Everything is Awesome – Teagan and Sara and … Continue reading SOTD for yesterday

One of those oddly zen days

So the internet went down at about 9am and stayed that way until 3.30ish. Which lead to a very panicked hour then a sort of shrug, a nothing I can do about it mood kicked in and I sorted. Work stuff, tech stuff, meter readings, watering indoor plants, Italian half hour (just cracked neither nor … Continue reading One of those oddly zen days

Mary Wollstoncraft Statue

Only 13% of the statues in the UK are of historical female figures – in fact, you’re more likely to find fictional women represented than their real … Mary Wollstoncraft Statue Not well impressed.

Out on the town(s) for Saturday Night

Out plan had been to go to the beach on Saturday – we’d joked about seeking out the naturist beach at Morgan Dyffryn – but the sadistic weather app changed it’s mind over night and it was a cold morning. Really cold!

Accidental Turner

About a fortnight ago, when visiting Harrogate (did I mention that we visited Harrogate?!), X and I popped into the Mercer Art Gallery and found a touring Turner exhibition.

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