My Garden

While my garden is very small and mostly pots, it brings me so much joy.

Despite being so wee, it still takes quite a bit of time to get it prepped for each season, but has become a form of ‘meditation in motion’ for me.

Pretentious, yes, but honestly, it really does keep me sane!

Here you’ll find all posts relating to my pottering (geddit? Because pots?!) 😀

Garden is still in the Pink*

Delighted to still have some beautiful flowers peeking through, despite the turn of the season to winter. A bit watery, but still bloomin’ lovely. *Geddit?

Tiny apples and tomatoes!

Only have 4 apples across the two trees but I’m delighted with them. And the three tomatoes plants all seem to be producing too!

Bee, Bird and… Hedgehog baths!

Good grief, it is hot! While I’m rubbish at remembering to hydrate myself, I am trying to do better by my garden friends. A bee bath is a simple bee water feeder that is easy to make and care for in your home garden, and it’s a nice touch to set out for your pollinating…


My tiny kitchen basil has flowered.

GARDEN – New Tubs

The sun shines, so I’m outdoors as much as possible! Todays excuse was to have a sort in the front again. Here’s hoping for beautiful blooms this summer! And of course, I did need to sit and rest a spell, in the sunniest of sunspots! Don’t be daft, I had the umbrella out. I wilt…

Garden Update

There are little flashes of colour everywhere! And I had fun taking dramatic shots of my tiny trees to be.

Horse Chestnuts

As some of you might remember, I’ve been successfully growing tiny oak trees, using the fridge method for the acorns. (HERE, HERE and HERE) And last year, I decided to try and grow Horse Chestnuts, using the same method – leaving the conkers in the fridge over winter. It’s worked beautifully! So yesterday I potted…

Two minutes of sunshine

But I made the most of it! The front garden is looking lovely, though I say so myself! Now I just need some warm weather to actually sit in it! Brrr! It’s bright but the wind goes through a person like a short cut!

Bloomin’ Snow

As you all know, I’m not a fan of snow. I’m particularly opposed to it in March, when my fruit trees are blossoming. A few weeks back, I asked the Twitter hive mind about my plum tree, accidentally growing horizontally, not vertically. Some excellent suggestions were made but in the end, I left it to…

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