My Garden

While my garden is very small and mostly pots, it brings me so much joy.

Despite being so wee, it still takes quite a bit of time to get it prepped for each season, but has become a form of ‘meditation in motion’ for me.

Pretentious, yes, but honestly, it really does keep me sane!

Welcome to my Gardening Posts

Proper Gardener Now

Some of my lilies and lupine are being destroyed by aphids. So I’m experimenting with the ‘soapy water solution’. How is this a thing? But it’s genuinely the advice online. I’ve done half and will report back!

3 Good Things – Sunday

I’d say I’m overdoing these but … well maybe, but happy memories right now are precious! 1. Lilies Dropped the chap off to a wedding and headed home to find some of my lilies are flowering. Stunning! 2. Streets of Rage 4 (easy mode) Finally made it to the final big bosses with a few … Continue reading 3 Good Things – Sunday

Mighty Oaks… in waiting.

Anyone remember my fridge acorn project from last year? If so, you’re doing better than me. After seeing the acorns in their little bag, tucked away on the back of the fridge this week, I casually asked my dad when I should take them out and plant them. March was his reply. Whoops. None of … Continue reading Mighty Oaks… in waiting.

Good Morning

Well, I’ve just seen the neighbours cat take out a blackbird, so I’m very awake all of a sudden. Nature is unfeeling on occasion! I say that, but the cat – Morpheus – is clearly quite proud of himself and revelling in his superior hunting skills. He is currently prowling the back garden, walking with … Continue reading Good Morning

Squeeing for Sunflowers!

Just checked my two giant tubs and… it looks like the sunflowers have taken! Hooray! Also I get to say ‘sown from the heads of last years’, which pleases me hugely. Anyway, just awake and very cheerful now. Have a super day!

Braai time!

This morning X headed back down south. Obviously, this brought with it feelings. So I did what any normal, well adjusted adult would do. I decided to have a braai (barbecue). And finally got to break in my set! My housemate recently retrieved his BBQ from a previous residence and it’s a Weber (which is … Continue reading Braai time!

Garden – It’s blossoming time

After training today, I took a half hour to reacquaint myself with my little garden. Now there’s a bit of order, the sporadic splashes of colour seem more vivid. Perhaps it’s just that little bit more exciting to see flowers after unexpected snow. In April. Joy in every pot.

Pro tip for a calm relaxing morning? Don’t start with the news 😡

Woke up with the proverbial (that’s not accurate but you know…early-ish) and did my usual – made a coffee and checked the news. This was an error – I had intended to do as I did yesterday and start the day with some invigorating and thought provoking music. Instead, I very quickly became disillusioned and … Continue reading Pro tip for a calm relaxing morning? Don’t start with the news 😡

Defeated – one wonky barbecue

Today I demolished the barbecue in the back garden and replaced a patch of grass that was just – there – for some reason. Got to use a pick axe and everything. This was the random green square. And the finished product…

“It’s alive!”

The front garden is looking a little bare, but is mine again now the scaffolding (and chimney!) has been removed. The skip is – rather annoyingly – still there. But nevermind. This summer, we’ll be properly able to sit out there and enjoy the sun. Huzzah! And in the back, I’ve found shoots! Even just … Continue reading “It’s alive!”

Still some blissful blossoms!

Even though it’s dark at 4.30pm and the skies are grey and the season has shifted towards the dank and wet…there are still some snippets of colour in my garden! Enough to raise the spirits even time I dart downstairs for a hurriedly made coffee and glance out the kitchen window. Today started well, up … Continue reading Still some blissful blossoms!

Bookclub, Buddies and Brooding

On Thursday, when chatting with a bestie during our reading night, I was so smug that I was 2 books ahead for two of my book clubs. I could read anything I wanted! And I really harped on about it. (Decided on Wilding by Isabella Tree – I’m only a chapter in but riveted. My … Continue reading Bookclub, Buddies and Brooding

BLOG – Being Tom Sawyer

“WORK consists of whatever a body is obliged to do and PLAY consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.” Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


“One of my first jobs” I thought to myself, when I moved into the house, “will be to sort out the front garden!”. That was in 2017.

Timeline of a yellow-orange corner

A week into ‘lockdown’, I set about tidying up the back garden a bit and decided to create a colour block corner.

BLOG – Must be something in the air

Today has been a bit of a tough one. Nothing bad has happened – let me hasten to reassure. Nothing at all has happened. I think that might be part of it.

Indoor Plants

I’m finding this week a bit tougher than last. The rules regarding social distancing have changed, so I’m officially not talking to anyone. In person at least. Also, the weather has changed – again. When it gets grey and gloomy, sometimes I do too.

Longing for a gardening session now

The last three weeks, around this time of the week, I’ve solemnly vowed that “this weekend THIS WEEKEND I will garden!”

GARDEN – Pre-Spring Cleaning

You know that feeling – when you start something new and it feels like it’s going well but it’s a bit overwhelming and by the weekend you need the comfort of a good sort? Just me?

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