SOTD – Total eclipse of the heart

GP Data – Opt Out options

Hopefully, more people will be aware of Cambridge analytica...sorry the British Government’s attempts to mine our medical data with little notice thanks to Marina Hyde’s recent article. Eight years ago the government had a plan so good it couldn’t tell you about it. It wanted to scrape everyone in England’s entire GP records and put … Continue reading GP Data – Opt Out options

Enjoying the garden

Send SOTD – this time for today.

Am watching Lucifer on Netflix and messaging up a storm with Sel. And this track came at a very emotional moment and was genuinely lovely.

2021 – SOTD – Week 21

Wrong month again but nearly caught up! No 141 - Sitting Down Here - Lene MarlinFriday 21st MayTook a trip to visit family and heard this at the petrol station at the halfway point. I'd forgotten how catchy and cheerful it seems...then the lyrics play back over later with a more ominous vibe! No … Continue reading 2021 – SOTD – Week 21

3 (quick) Good Things – Week 21

Too tired to blog properly tonight but in that happy, calm way. 1. Friends On Monday, Selina and I caught up on some netflix. Though miles apart, we’re always on the same page when it comes to our SCI-FI shows. 2. Friends Yesterday, I visited D’elle for the first time in a month! We discussed … Continue reading 3 (quick) Good Things – Week 21

2021 – SOTD – Week 20

Slowly but surely, I'm getting caught up - but I really need to start keeping a proper diary again - a fortnight out and I have no memory for what happened when.  The house was quiet this week, work consistent and I saw puffins. So this was a very good week on the one hand. … Continue reading 2021 – SOTD – Week 20

HOME TOURIST – Bempton cliffs

A few weeks ago, we got a new (for us, not new new) car. It’s so not-uncomfortable! And has AC and the seats don’t actively try to harm us! Huzzah! It’s very exciting. Obviously, we got CD’s to mark the occasion. 3 of these are mine. Spot the odd one out! So immediately, we decided … Continue reading HOME TOURIST – Bempton cliffs

Squeeing for Sunflowers!

Just checked my two giant tubs and... it looks like the sunflowers have taken! Hooray! Ignore other, non sunflowers greens. Also I get to say ‘sown from the heads of last years’, which pleases me hugely. Anyway, just awake and very cheerful now. Have a super day!

2021 – SOTD – Week 19

Only a fortnight behind! Woo Hoo! The month of May has been a very busy one so far! My honey has returned! I am much much wiser (or have just had a birthday and prefer to pretend that then admit I'm merely older). Oooh and I've left Leeds on day trips, a visit and a … Continue reading 2021 – SOTD – Week 19