Quote – Carl Sagan

“One glance at a book and you actually hear the voice of another person — perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.” Carl Sagan, 20th Century American astronomer, astrophysicist & author

Comfort Listening – #Poirot

Bah! I have a cold and a cough and am all a bit flat. So have decided to listen to my Poirot audiobooks (read by Hugh Fraser (Hastings!!) in chronological order. First up is: 1909 - The Chocolate Box (short story) - 32 minutes Poirot’s only failed case. A French Deputy is found dead on … Continue reading Comfort Listening – #Poirot


SKI HOLIDAY – don’t mind if I do!

Day 1 We have arrived in France for my first ever skiing holiday!!! SQUEE! While I have technically visited France once before, it was merely for a few hours transfer, there was fog and we didn’t really see or do much (no offence mum and dad, I’m sure we made an admirable attempt at a … Continue reading SKI HOLIDAY – don’t mind if I do!

The Picture Library @ #LeedsArtGallery

Leeds Art Gallery offers the most wonderful service and today I saw it up close! The Picture Library The Picture Library is an art lending scheme open to residents and businesses of Yorkshire. We have hundreds of original works of art to choose from and borrow; whether you’re into landscapes or abstracts, historic or contemporary … Continue reading The Picture Library @ #LeedsArtGallery

The Real Women of Greek Myths Jigsaw

As some of you might be aware, I’m a huge fan of Natalie Haynes (for example here, here, here and here). So when she tweeted that she had participated in a jigsaw of significant Greek characters from myths and legends… well… clearly I had no choice but to embrace my two hobbies colliding! Think you … Continue reading The Real Women of Greek Myths Jigsaw

(Updated) Jane Fonda on friendship

https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnaH2feh0iO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I forwarded this onto my Signal bestie group. We all agreed that I am very Jane Fonda in my approach to friendship. Picture me at any stage of my life thus far and my technique is very ‘I like you, we are best friends now’ and then refusing to move away. Even when I … Continue reading (Updated) Jane Fonda on friendship

Nerd Alert (By the Numbers)

Hit a major milestone this morning: 1000 days of Italian via Duolingo. While I am absolutely rubbish at it (languages and I just don’t click - not my forte at all!), I can’t deny that there’s a certain satisfaction in having stuck with it for such a significant chunk of time* It also means that … Continue reading Nerd Alert (By the Numbers)

Early morning walk in Kirkstall Abbey

Despite the weather, I am attempting to get back into my pre-work walks. Wet and wild with a lot of water. According to the splendid Daytime Bot (thanks Nalsa!!), we had nearly 2 and a half more minutes of daylight yesterday and I’m seeking to make the most of it. Daylight is changing, day by … Continue reading Early morning walk in Kirkstall Abbey

2022 – SOTD – Week 52

Another year over - Hope 2023 is a good one for us all.    https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL76VZyjGCg8AXiDSTZOHKSMvnHS5fBlOo 359 25/12/2022 Christmas Morning Blues Victoria Spivey   360 26/12/2022 Hold On  Wilson Phillips   361 27/12/2022 Run Rudolph Run Chuck Berry Normally I don't choose Christmas songs after the day itself, but who can resist Chuck Berry? 362 28/12/2022 … Continue reading 2022 – SOTD – Week 52

Big Read – Week 1

A few years ago, I had a chat on twitter about long but satisfying reads and bought a book on the recommendation of a tweeter - tweets now long since gone, sadly. The book in question is 820 odd pages and intimidating in size. So I have decided to make it a year long project … Continue reading Big Read – Week 1