A walk

I’ve had a bit of a cold and haven’t been able to get out and about as I like. So tonight, it feels like a treat to be able to ‘trod the familiar path’ down to the Abbey. Even before I reached it though, I was struck by the spring colours. What a difference a … Continue reading A walk

Weekend Away Day 3

Yesterday had all the hallmarks of being a bit of a dud, actually. We both of us felt full of head cold and utterly exhausted, in that way that only emerges after a few days of complete relaxation. If we’d been in Wales, we’d have stayed in and started a jigsaw. Unfortunately, the weather was … Continue reading Weekend Away Day 3

Walk – The Canal from city to kirkstall

Went for a wander today. Through granary wharf. From city centre to kirkstall Artsey 1 Artsey 2 Artsey 3 I know I’m not a great photographer but it brings me such joy just to try. You know?

3 Good Things – Today has been full of them!

The housemates decided to let off a bit of steam last night so it was 80’s hits till 3am and laughter till later. Despite that, I woke up relatively early and very cheerful. I know – no logic to it!

Downside to productivity

So, you know how I got all pick axey this weekend? Well, it turns out that the aching yesterday was just the precursor. This evening, it took quite a bit of warming up to comfortably lift my arms above my head. That’s not the worst of it though. Without going into too many details, let’s … Continue reading Downside to productivity

I love my city

Went for a walk along the river yesterday evening.

Kill The Monster – Insane Animals

As promised yesterday. Today has been exhausting. Meetings for 6 hours!!! is too many meetings. Got a walk in though, Pilates for the first time in YEARS with X and caught up with D’elle. So…this isn’t a cheat blog, it’s totally a real informative post.

It’s Thursday today. Right?

Two of my colleagues and I woke up this morning, convinced it was Friday. One nearly didn’t call me, assuming we’d had our meeting already! Another wished someone a happy weekend before they were reminded we’ve all a meeting tomorrow. As for me, my rude awakening came at 7am this morning, when I ran downstairs … Continue reading It’s Thursday today. Right?

Little wander

Went for a walk yesterday (shocker), visited the Abbey (stunned into silence now) and the nature reserve…via the canal (practically swooning at this point, right?). The salmon bridge is complete. The access bridge removed and hopefully the last of the work remnants will be removed shortly. The abbey will soon be returned to her ruined … Continue reading Little wander

A Walk with a Friend

Yesterday was probably my best day in Lockdown part Deux. Up early, I had all my dailies done by lunch – walk, Italian, ukulele. After, a chat with a beloved book clubber, back in touch after an accidentally long time. Then, just as we were settling in, a missed call. A message! D and B … Continue reading A Walk with a Friend

Still some blissful blossoms!

Even though it’s dark at 4.30pm and the skies are grey and the season has shifted towards the dank and wet…there are still some snippets of colour in my garden! Enough to raise the spirits even time I dart downstairs for a hurriedly made coffee and glance out the kitchen window. Today started well, up … Continue reading Still some blissful blossoms!


My chap sent me an article about why sorting a drawer can be so satisfying (there’s more to it that that) – it’s not something you can excel it, it’s just something that you do, usually in your own home. Weekends have become a bit of a slog for me during this second lockdown. From … Continue reading Pottering

A poem, a walk and a friend

I blogged about learning The Eagle today on LBC. Walking in Kirkstall Abbey, I was surprised to find an area cordoned off – what I call the folly walk. It’s on a flood plane and frequently disappears. However, I fell into conversation with a former art teacher about otters and oak forests and deer herds … Continue reading A poem, a walk and a friend


Today has been a day of doing those boring jobs that don’t actually take up much time but that you put off forever. Like tax and paperwork and moving nonsense from one place to another. It’s not vital. But it does come with a sense of satisfaction. And I got my walk in. Which was … Continue reading Sorting

Stealing sunlight

Well, the season has changed and no mistake. But…I did manage to steal a tiny hour of sunshine for a walk down my the abbey. It’s very pretty. And very watery! The lower path is once again covered as the Aire breaks its banks for…what…the 4th time this year? Granted I’ve only been back these … Continue reading Stealing sunlight


Today has been a touch bittersweet, to be honest. Sweet because I got to see my honey; Bitter because we had to socially distance. And it’s really hard. So far throughout all this, I’ve really only isolated or met my bubble people. I’ve socially distanced with a few book clubbers, met in the garden with … Continue reading HOME TOURIST – Newark

Walking to Thwaite Watermill

This week, I headed out for a stroll in the city centre. My walk across the bridge and past the Royal Armouries was masked, hurried and distracted. However, I relaxed once I hit open spaces. On previous walks, I don’t think we went further than the sun dial a little further up the footpath. So … Continue reading Walking to Thwaite Watermill

Lazy, rainy, book club day.

Wednesday was just rotten weather wise – so we took full advantage and had a long lazy reading morning. I finished off Dead Famous by Greg Jenner (the October book club choice!) which was such an enjoyable read. Really looking forward to discussing it with the gang. By the afternoon, we were needing to move … Continue reading Lazy, rainy, book club day.

Just a casual 18km walk

We were feeling a touch of trepidation until we threw back the curtains and saw a beautiful – almost summer – morning peering back at us. We gobbled down some sausages (oh my gosh again – Welsh meat is soooo tasty), packed our trusty backpack and headed out. For we had planned a walk. A … Continue reading Just a casual 18km walk

Porthmadog Steam Train

We were buzzing after Harlech Castle so decided to continue up (?) the coast to Porthmadog – a town the Elf had recommended for a visit.

Jigsaw Day (and a walk on the beach)

Having fulfilled our holiday obligation of ‘doing something’, we decided that Wednesday was a rest day. Also, it was raining. So out came the Wasgij (jigsaw backwards). If you’ve never encountered these before, allow me to explain. These are jigsaws…but where the puzzle doesn’t match the image on the box. You’re presented with a view … Continue reading Jigsaw Day (and a walk on the beach)

Walk to Barmouth Beach

Quite a nice morning view. Like…objectivity speaking…that’s pretty lovely. And for the first proper day of the holiday – magnifique! As it was a Glorious Day – blue skies, warm smiley sun – we decided to venture out for a walk, making our way to the coast. From Arthog, Barmouth is roughly a two mile … Continue reading Walk to Barmouth Beach

Couch to 5k

Last week, I completed week 2 of the Couch to 5k challenge. A mere two months after I began.

WALK – Off the beaten path…

Well, not really. Still kirkstall. Still canal orientated. But a new route can be like a new world, when the mood strikes. Tonight…I was enamoured all over again!

Just a touch of sun…

And everything feels a little bit better. Well…looks better anyway!

BLOG – Strange week.

It’s been a really odd few days. After weeks of anxiously watching the news from abroad and fretfully wondering if *it* – the corona virus – would hit here…it has.

Decidedly grumpy

I hate snow. Not like a ‘but it’s fun really’ hatred. I’m committed. I LOATHE it. So today wasn’t off to a great start.

Bedraggled but Beautiful

Well, the Abbey is struggling with the rainfall, but doing its best.

Unobservant me

I walk this patch almost every day. And yet I’ve never spotted this till recently!

The day after the night before…

And the sound of the river Aire is less comforting and soothing than usual and somewhat more ominous…

BLOG – Birdwatching on the Canal

This week I took a stroll down the Leeds Liverpool canal and – for a change – decided not to focus on twitter, the guardian or wizards unite.

I told you kirkstall was looking good…

These were taken just now There’s been a lot of rain though The rivulet to the right is the footpath… (That it leads nowhere isn’t the point! 😂)

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