It seems that my most effective way of getting to know a place is on foot!

Rain or shine, I get a daily stroll in and have done so for the last 20 years. Even when I wasn’t that active at all, walking is an essential part of my routine.

And it fits every situation – not just to get some fresh air; but also to clear my head or to focus on a particular thought; explore an area for the first time or revisit well worn paths; to find my peace of mind or to get lost in a dream.

Early morning walk in Kirkstall Abbey

Despite the weather, I am attempting to get back into my pre-work walks. According to the splendid Daytime Bot (thanks Nalsa!!), we had nearly 2 and a half more minutes of daylight yesterday and I’m seeking to make the most of it. Daylight is changing, day by day. Today we get 2m27s more than yesterday…

Early morning walk

Around kirkstall. I am out of practice and only managed 2.5km before I had to head back for work. But it was beautiful and peaceful. Here’s my favourite shot from this morning.

First jigsaw (tiny!) of the year

Thanks to S for gifting me this cute 150 mini-jigsaw of the table of periodic elements. Three days in and I’ve managed to: Long may it last!

St Stephen’s Day Walk

After a glorious feast for Christmas, X and I decided that we needed a proper walk yesterday and headed out to the Sculpture Park at Lough Boora. Regular readers will remember that we’ve been here together once before (on a bicycle made for two). So our choice was at once romantic as well as practical…

Third Spaces (and the space to think about them)

Fascinating tiktok on the value of ‘third spaces’ – very US orientated but I could hear a lot that correlates to my life too! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFN8C2dx/ Nathan Allebach also has a number one videos on creating walking communities, which I’ll be scheduling out later today! Also – I will be on holiday for a week (minus…

Jane Austen Jigsaw

Yesterday, I continued on my plan to reestablish my positive routines. While I didn’t get up early, I did manage a 7km walk in the evening, up to the nature reserve and a little meander, then home. The weather is shifting, the cold starting to nibble (not quite biting, just yet) – as a result…

Kirkstall Abbey being all dramatic

Popped out for a quick walk before catching up with my bestie. And I’m so glad I did! Check out the Abbey being particularly atmospheric! The skies were so imposing; the light impossible to describe in words and the ruins felt like a character in a gothic novel.

Helmsley to Rievaulx Abbey

Last week, X and I went on a wonderful walk from the beautiful town of Helmsley. I could do a 3 Good Things post just on our stroll through the town. There’s an incredible and very beautiful independent book store with a terrific selection that I could have browsed in for MANY hours. We popped…

Walking Meditation 3

This one was excellent, though a surprising focus on sound given that I’d headphones on. Also, it asked if you could hear ‘people…animals…children’ which made me giggle – I’ve been raised to see children as people you see 😉 Will definitely use again. And no advert at the end, which I’d been expecting.

Walking meditation 2

Out with the proverbial lark (shakes fist at sky) and testing out another meditation. John has a lovely voice, the soothing music was indeed soothing and I do feel like my day had been set up well.

Walking meditation

One of my besties and I are kickstarting our metabolism, fitness and the start of our day by waking up a little bit earlier (it’s SO EARLY) and getting in a 50 minute walk before work. Since I’m also working on trying to quieten the mental noise, I’ve been trying out some guided walking meditations,…

3 Good Things – June Week 2

Yesterday was a particularly lovely day 1. Walk around Swinsty and Fewston We headed out pretty early and completed the full loop. It was the perfect morning for a walk, peaceful – despite the birds singing, water lapping and dogs ever to-ing and fro-ing. It’s also the first time I’ve been back since they finished…doing…

Standard Sunday

Except that I cooked. The scary looking part are sausagemeat corgis, to mark the jubilee. Have now gone out for a walk with X, blogged, done my 500 skips for today and now relaxing to the bloodthirsty sounds of Assassins Creed. I may even play a bit later (am slowly figuring out the x box…

Kirkstall Abbey

Played hide and seek with a swan. As one does.

Saw a Rainbow

Still a bit shattered, but managed to get out for a walk today. Did get caught in the rain for a few moments but it was a joy! Mostly because it stopped pretty quickly!

Not New Year Resolutions

As regular readers will know, I like to pretend that I avoid making New Years resolutions… while clearly doing just that. I mean, it’s no coincidence that I have a big clear out every January. Pull out the guitar (for a week and a half). Tidy up my goodreads shelves and try to pick up…

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