The Allotment

The allotment has been a particular haven over the last few years and there is something strangely soothing about knowing that no matter what I do – little or large – it will never be ‘finished’. It takes all the pressure out of things!

Allotment – spuds!

The drought didn’t kill off everything! I’ve been a very neglectful allotmenteer lately – what with all the adventures I never seem to actually write up (Peterhouse May Ball; Cromer Windmill; York Mansion House; Castle Howard; Art Galleries). So it was great to get down to it this week! And look – I got spoils!!…

Busy Bee

On my run-amuck leeks.

Corn Update

So pleased that my corn appears to be thriving! From window sill (check out April 22) to allotment and from there – hopefully – braai!

Allotment Spoils!

Oooh I forgot to tell you, I picked strawberries from the allotment yesterday (and was then gifted a few by a neighbour)! It’s so important to ‘make something’ with them immediately, otherwise a person might forget…

Slug Central Station

My alternative name for the allotment. Le sigh. So many slugs! And the slimy little creeps have devoured half of my carefully protected window seedlings. So I’ve topped up re crops and stocked up on slug pellets. From now on, I want every bed to have a bright blue sheen! Outside edges – corn; courgettes;…

Gazebo Days – or doing the bank holiday right!

Happy long weekend! Woo hoo for the Jubilee and 4 consecutive days off! Unexpectedly up with the larks – a nasty side effect of those positive life habits I’ve been trying to develop – I’d my skipping (100 a day!), duolingo and reading (am at a particularly good section of The Children of Jocasta -…

Allotment – colour and life!

I haven’t been up in a week due to the weather, so a huge relief to find my allotment remains a place of calm, living, gentle chaos. And look! I grew pretties! As a result of the weather, I’m not sure the lettuce and rocket planted a fortnight ago will survive, but I’ve weeded as…

ALLOTMENT – Quick Check In

Having been away all weekend, I had to pop up to the allotment for a quick check in. So glad I did as all three of the hyacinth are blooming! and one little daff bravely ganging in in there! Excitingly, my rhubarb are now huge! Leeks seem to be doing something, which is delightful. And…

Barely an update

Lettuce and rocket are now in at the allotment. Carrots and parsnips will go in next week. Corn, onion, cabbage and squash are being seeded indoors. No photos because…they just look like empty beds right now.

ALLOTMENT- Ready to focus on planting now

It’s been a really hard trawl, but look! We now have shed and patio! It’s truly been a labour of love for me – and a labour of labour for X (he did all the heavy lifting on the shed and laying the big patio down – thank you so much!). Heading into spring, I…

Allotment – dig, dig, dig

Now the shed is up and fabulous, I’ve decided to use the paving slabs to make a little patio. And then decided to use the remainder for a bigger patio. I feel like I might be starting to get there, but it is slow going! Hopefully it’ll be completed by the end of the month,…

Allotment – Shed

We built a shed. During a gale weekend. X worked like a superhero – I’d have packed it in at least twice! Given that there are more storms brewing, I should be more nervous but it’s been a half a day and already it makes such a difference.

Allotment – Rhubarb rhubarb…

A very kind allotment neighbour gifted me 3 rhubarb hearts. We did attempt rhubarb on the lower site but never got to harvest. So fingers crossed I’ll have better luck here!

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