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My brand new awesome podcast with Shona aka Ellie Jayden

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Episode 11 – Through the Looking Glass Review


alice-posters (1)Two of my BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD – Shona (@EllieJayden) and Selina (@SelBrac) – review the recent Alice in Wonderland film – Through the Looking Glass.

Join this hilarious pair as they review the film – with particular emphasis on plot and characters. They take a moment to celebrate and delight in the talent of Alan Rickman; add a load of shows to their respective ‘To Watch’ lists; wander into Baby Avenger and X-Men territory and take a moment to appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch.

I’ve learned SO much – how has Shona read this book, but not Alice in Wonderland? How has Selina not read them at all!!!

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P.S. I would have totally edited out the car window bit…but for authenticity… 🙂

Episode 10 – X-Men Apocalypse

x-men apocalypseJoin Shona (@EllieJayden) and her lovely fella Eoin (@Eo1nb) for their review of the recent X-Men film.

Expect many spoilers, an inability to remember characters names and speculation about the future!!

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Episode 09 – Watcher Mark – Top Three Conventions

IMG_4394As part of our ‘Con Report’ season, #CWGP friend Mark  (@WatcherMark)talks us through his favourite conventions (so far).

As a long time attendee; he also offers lots of insights on the con scene!

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Episode 08 – The Walking Dead

shona and tomJoin Shona (@EllieJayden) and Tom (@TomEllis19) while they gear themselves up for the new season of The Walking Dead.

Actually, this was recorded a little while ago and lost in the wilds of the cloud but with the new season starting up soon; it’s the perfect time for a recap!

Remember how Shona promised during our first episode that there would be singing? She’s wasn’t kidddddding. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Episode 07 – Welcome to the New Year


 What’s that? You’re over it? Well…we’re…not.

Join Shona and I for a giggle-filled look forward to the year ahead. We chat about our resolutions – what few we have; what we’re looking forward to reading, hearing and watching and – of course – our by now obligatory DC versus Marvel banter – much Agent Carter anticipation and Deadpool is looking AWESOME. 

Then have this big epic discussion of Making a Murderer – a NETFLICKS series that Shona is obsessed with. Which sounds amazing.

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Episode 06 – Con Report 02 – Getting to know you…part deux

IMG_0070It’s the full Conversations with Geek People gang reporting to you from the recent Vampire Ball convention. Naturally we cover bits and pieces about that.

For the most part though, this is us (@Drneevil, @TomEllis19, @WatcherMark and @EllieJayden) offering up these – our origin stories – for your listening pleasure!

Course, being us, we do get a little sidetracked from time to time!

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Episode 05 – Con Report 01 – Because of Buffy

a.k.a. ahhhhJossJossJoss

shona and tomShona and Tom are together once more at The Vampire Ball – a convention to celebrate the worlds and works of Joss Whedon. The dynamic duo take a moment to discuss and reflect upon the show that started it all (for us lot anyhoo!) – Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

After successfully identifying themselves as Willow and Xander (well duh guys, seriously!); the pair look at how this show changed their lives for the better; the cult of Whedon theme song (no really) and kitten poker as well as much much more!

Feel free to contact us in the comments or via twitter to let us know your ‘Because of Buffy’ story!

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P.S. Shona mentioned my Buffy story – you can read about it HERE!

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Episode 04 – Suicide Squad

suicide-squad-movie-logoThe upcoming Suicide Squad film has Shona so excited and she just can’t hide it! In fact, she’s roped in her main squeeze Eoin to have a natter about the style and look of the Empire Covers (below) and overall feel from the trailer.

Given that the film is in fact a year away, be prepared to find the DC flag flying proud!

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Episode 03 – Convention Tips – with Tom Ellis

3ae0a23ea106725ae1ab28bce580e264Ever fancied attending a convention…but been a bit nervous about what to expect?

Then this is the podcast for you! Shona (@EllieJayden) and Tom Ellis (@TomEllis19) – both seasoned veterans of the con scene (and cos players…if the photo didn’t give it away) – talk you through some essential tips.

It’s a survival guide for cons!

Here’s the link to the mobile link

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Episode 02 – An interview with Tom Ellis

Danny Snelson

Danny Snelson

Shona (@EllieJayden) chats with our first official guest – her best mate Tom Ellis (@TomEllis19).

They discuss his new comic series 2Kill Comic (which I’ve reviewed HERE) and his 5 part web series Scarlett (which I’ve blogged about HERE).

They also chat about his creative process and the challenges of creating an independent comic…or web series…or anything at all.

I’m so jealous that I wasn’t there with them!

Here’s the link to the mobile link

I’ll post an itunes link once available!

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for blog

Episode 01 – An introduction aka There’s going to be siiinginnnnng!

Here’s the link to the mobile link and I’ll post an itunes link once available!

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Pilot – Testing! Testing! Is anybody out there!

Here’s the link to the mobile link and the itunes link


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