Special Correspondent – Magda Apanowicz


Special Hollywood Correspondent!

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As is the case with many of the Culturally Fixated guests; I met Magda at a Scifi convention a few years ago. We clicked almost immediately and found tons of common ground re music, TV, film and food!

Funny, smart and instantly friendly; she kindly agreed to a podcast (below) – which turned out to be less of an interview and more of a natter between mates!

It’s with great excitement that I welcome Magda to our exclusive club of Special Correspondents. Can’t wait to catch up on her adventures soon!

Quick Chat with Magda – BLOG

We have as very quick chat about finishing up on the final season of Continuum and the difficulty of saying goodbye to characters that you love; learning accents; cooking as a hobby and the satisfaction of taking friends and family to see the finally released The Green Inferno

OmniWorld – The Movie – BLOG 

Magda takes us behind the scenes of the Indiegogo fundraising for her upcoming SFF project!

Interview with Magda – BLOG 

During this chat, we discussed Christmas (and her two related Siffy films – Snowmageddon and 12 Disasters of Christmas); Kyle XY; Caprica; the wider BSG fandom; Continuum. We also discovered a shared adoration for Buffy and have a natter about some of her hobbies!

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Our playlist of shared musical memories!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgTpXLrcxRYveP8soNhbWFgJnxnvki3Jw]

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