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7fe66-logoSince it’s inception, I’ve been a huge supporter of Leeds Playlists – it really is such a wonderfully unique way of bringing the denizens of Leeds together.

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I’ve even created a few myself – see CultFix 01 and 02 at the bottom of the page!

CultFix 05 – Stalker YouTube playlist

CultFix 04 – Epic Music – Happy Songs

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  1. Kansas – Wayward Son – SUPERNATURAL Supernatural has emerged – unexpectedly for me – as one of the BEST genera shows. And it’s stuffed full of pop culture references. It’s also developed its own tropes. This song plays during the opening and closing episode of each season. From the moment that the montage (it’s invariably a montage)  starts, the tension begins to build and you know that you’re about to sing along, regardless of what poor sod might be next to you!
  2. Mike Doherty – I hear the bells – VERONICA MARS Logan finally talks to Veronica in a weird drunken ramble with this song slowly building in the background. It was brilliant!
  3. The Pogues – Body of an American – THE WIRE This song played during McNulty’s…I can’t even type this because while there should be a statute of limitations on SPOILERS but with this show…I’d BE KILLED!
  4. Sinead O’Connor – No Mans Woman – ALIAS Sydney returns to SD6 after Danny’s funeral. I love this strangely upbeat though still oddly unsettling Sinead O’Connor song.
  5. Rogue Trader – Voodoo Child – DOCTOR WHO Best. Use. Of. A. Drum. Machine. And. Big. Reveal. Ever. Total ear worm thought. Be warned.
  6. Violet Femmes – Blister in the Sun – MY SO CALLED LIFE One of the most liberating and enjoyable moments in the far too short series. Watching Clare Danes bounce up and down on her bed is just fabulous.
  7. Styx – Lady – FREAKS AND GEEKS No one has seen this. And I need them too! Fantastic show with an awesome cast (check out the tiny Lance Sweets from Bones!!)
  8. Florence and the Machine – Seven Devils – REVENGE The perfect end of a dramatic and ridiculously fabulous first season.
  9. Wang Chung – Space Junk – THE WALKING DEAD The horse scene. Nuff said.
  10. Johnny Cash – The man comes around – T:TSCC I just LOVE this track and thought that it was really unexpectedly used in T:TSCC.

CultFix 03 – Epic Music – Sad Songs

Ever watched a really emotive scene on television? Noticed the music playing in the background? This is my favourite way to acquire new music and I’m not embarrassed to admit I watch television with Shazam open on my phone…just in case something catches my…ear.

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  1. Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek – THE OC  Though I wasn’t a fan of the series, I had a friend addicted to it. This song played during one of her weepy episodes and I gather it was all (SPOILERS) Very Very Sad, but all I noticed was the track! Also, I didn’t know who any of the characters were. I vaguely remember a geeky guy. Beautifully honest and frankly heartbreakingly sad.
  2. The Fray – How to save a life – SCRUBS The one where Doctor Cox loses three patients one after the other and has a total and emotional breakdown.  I remember everything about this fantastic episode. The perfect song for this moment.
  3. Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower – BG The one where the final five are revealed. (SPOILERS). This was SO well integrated with the show. Throughout the episode you hear these haunting refrains that are vaguely familiar but somehow not. At the end, when we realised that we are about to finally learn the identities of the hidden Cylongs, the song starts to play properly. And it’s fraking awesome.
  4. Kim Richey – A placed called Home – ANGEL The one that DESTROYED me the first time I watched it and has continued to haunt me during every rewrite. (SPOILERS)Our beloved Fred sings out a line of ‘you are my sunshine’ and the empath demon Lorne looks unexpectedly stricken. She coughs up blood before beginning a slow and agonizing death that can never be avoided. Just. Awful.
  5. Michelle Branch – Goodbye to You – BUFFY The one where Willow accidentally wipes the memories of her friends in an attempt to wipe from their minds her addicted to the dark magicks. This song plays over the final moments of the episode when (SPOILER) everyone realises their true identity and the deception.
  6. Dire Straits – Brother in Arms – THE WEST WING The one where President Barlett curses out God. In Latin.  After (SPOILERS) his beloved secretary dies, President Barlett has a bad day. It culminates in his attacking his God in a powerful and epic scene. One of the very best episodes ever. Fact.
  7. Lifehouse – You and Me – COLD CASE The one where a kid is kidnapped by a man (SPOILERS) who hands himself into the police…before the kid has died. For me, this song will always be associated with that one really gripping hour. For others however, this song is used to celebrate weddings across the world.
  8. Band of Horses – Is there a ghost – FRINGE The one where (SPOILERS)…oh honestly, it’s all a bit hard to explain really. Just watch it. The first season isn’t epic but the show is amazing. Just watch it.   I immediately looked up the song and discovered a new favourite band.
  9. Battleme – Hey, Hey, My, My – SONS OF ANARCHY The one where (SPOILERS) they all shoot at one another and swear and it’s all very dark and moody. I’ve never heard this man outside of the show and for me, the band compliments the show perfectly.  This song is a slow burner. The first time I heard it I thought that it was good, but for the following week I kept muttering the chorus over and over to myself. That’s my gold star sense!
  10. The Pixies – Where is my mind? – VERONICA MARS The one where Veronica is drawn further into the mysterious bus crash. (SPOILERS) Oh I’m totally lying. I just needed the opportunity to include this song because of its appearance in Fight Club. Which is the legal definition of awesome.

Special Mentions

Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a wonderful world – Isreal K.

I heard this song for the first time during ER, in a scene when Mark Green was being laid to rest.  I sobbed like a small child and even the hardest heart must have felt a twinge!!

–         YouTubeVideo

Procol Harum – Whiter Shade of Pale – THE TENTH KINGDOM

Just a memorable scene in the series – there are singing mushrooms and everything!

–         YouTubeVideo

CultFix 02 – Otaku


Song List – Geeky Songs – My Personal Favourites!
  1. Bare Naked Ladies – The History of Everything – SCIENCE; EVOLUTION Brilliant song and regular podcast listeners will know that there is a protocol to singing along!
  2. Beastie Boys – Ch-Check it out – STAR TREK Coz it rocks.
  3. Mouldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You – GAMER One of my favourite songs – disovered while watching Juno – one of my favourtie films.
  4. Thomas Dolby – She blinded me with science – SCIENCE Coz how could you make a list without it?!
  5. Devo – Through being Cool – SF; ANTI-COOL The perfect antidote.
  6. Marian Call – I’ll Still Be A Geek After Nobody Thinks It’s Chic – GEEK; ANTI-COOL THIS! I want this song as a blankie for when I’m asked why I like SF again!
  7. Tenacious D – Wonderboy – COMICS; SUPERS I so rarely get the opportunity to include Tenacious D in playlists – a shame because I do love em!
  8. Random – Grow Up – GEEK NEVER!
  9. Chemical Brothers & John Williams – Galvanize the Empire – STAR WARS Please find on YouTube HERE. I couldn’t find this on spotify. Such a good track
  10. Felicia Day & the Guild – I’m the one that Cool – GAMER The BEST SONG EVER! And the video is AWESOME! (Find on YouTube HERE)
If you don’t know who Felicia Day is – remedy this immediately by subscribing to Geek and Sundry HERE !)

CultFix 01 – Our Shows


Detailed Song List

  1. Bad Things – Jace Everett – TRUE BLOOD
    Just a fun song to open with. I’m used it for a few years as the ringtone for himself!
  2. I know You know – The Friendly Indians – PSYCH Couldn’t find the exact version but there was no way I could possibly NOT include our theme shows theme song! One of the coolest things about Psych is how flexible the whole show is – from the actors and scripts right down to the sets and music. Like Weeds, this theme has been amended and changed many times to reflect the mood of that weeks episode. Awesome.
  3. The Big Bang Theory – Bare Naked Ladies – BBT Every time we mention this show, we talk about our sing-along rituals – the song is just that catchy dammit!
  4. This Life – Curtis Stiger – SONS OF ANARCHY Slowing down slightly, I’m including the theme of one of the most musically rewarding shows airing today. I’ve already blogged about how AWESOME the LP’s for each of the first three seasons are, so suffice to say – I haven’t moved on. Yet.
  5. Superman – Lazlo Bane – SCRUBS EARWORM ALERT! Who doesn’t love this song? People who didn’t like Scrubs – that’s who. This song perfectly captures the spirit of the show it helmed.
  6. Woke up this morning – Alabama 3 – SOPRANOS Probably the song that made me an OCD collector of soundtracks. This was easily the coolest theme song on tv for YEARS.
  7. DEADWOOD THEME – James Parks For it is cool and wonderful and awesome. What more do you need?
  8. ANGEL THEME – Darling Violetta OK, so I had to include one Whedon theme. Was actually hoping to use the Ballad of Serenity but couldn’t find it on Spotify. Was pretty happy in the end as this song put me in mind of the next, which is a track I just adore. Besides – this song is fantastic – I couldn’t find the full version but the moment you hear the opening haunting strains – you are put in the perfect mood for the Vampire with a soul. And puffy hair.
  9. Nara – E.S. Postumus – COLD CASE This is one of those songs that still appears on new releases despite being several years old. Why? Coz it’s terrific – a mix of classical and rock and dance and everything in between.
  10. X-MEN THEME – cartoon There. Are. No. Words. I LOVE that the films have picked up and continued using this theme from the cartoon series in the 90’s. Proper sense of Life/Marvel continuity.

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