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3rd Annual Christmas Special

with Reed Diamond

Reed DiamondAs the year draws to a close; it is, of course, time for Culturally Fixated to catch up with the ever-charming, effervescent and inimitable Reed Diamond. He is – naturally – joined by our seasonal friend Donald, the Christmas Elf, who is predictably enough sauced up for the season.

We discuss Reed’s amazing streak of grusome deaths; what he’s been reading; listening to; writing (ish); working on and watching in 2015.

He also answers questions posted by CultFix listeners on twitter…including a tale about an ‘interesting’ time working on Underground…involving a tornado!

Elementary, Minority Report, Journeyman, Bones, Agents of SHIELD – we run through some of his most memorable Guest Spot appearances and…it’s just great folks. Reed is just one of the BEST.

PLEASE NOTE We sing Christmas carols. Even me. Sorry about that.

Interview with MINICINE

IMG_0071LBC is joined by the fabulously funny Minicine team – Woody and Abi – for a chat about all things film, short film, social cinema and CAKE! We discuss the origins of Minicine, its exciting plans for 2016 and cat videos! Probably the most enthusiastic podcast you’ll hear this year!

OmniWorld Movie –

An Indiegogo Project

magda ehMagda was kind enough to join us for a very quick chat about her upcoming project – the (hopefully) crowd-sourced OmniWorld.

As we are both talkers, we managed to cram a ton in – including OmniWorld; science fiction and the stories we tell through it; post-apocalyptic worlds – the impact of technology on society; Elysium; what draws her into a project and more!

Chat with the Chief –

Interview with Aaron Douglas

Aaron-Douglas-19Another wonderful convention guest; Aaron is a friendly chatty guy with a wealth of stories and experiences he’s happy to share. In other words, an ideal podcast guest!

We chat about his route into acting; Battlestar Galactica and the impact it was had on his life and career; other films and tv projects he’s been working on as well as his love for Canada, travel, hockey and conventions.

He’s also a published author – with 2 short stories available and a recently completed screenplay that’s currently in pre-pre-production(!).

Interview with Magda Apanowicz

magda 01Magda and I first met at a Convention and she blew me away with her energy, enthusiasm and her passion and dedication to her craft and fans.

Our podcast was exactly as much fun as you might expect. We chatted about everything from Kyle XY; joining the cast of Continuum; Caprica and the wider Battlestar Galactica fandom; SciFi Christmas films; her love of Buffy and Joss Whedon to favourite romantic comedies from the 1990’s and balancing a life of the road with maintainaing her Canadian and Polish roots.
Christmas Special the 2nd
with Reed Diamond

reed 04Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Reed singalong! We chat Marvel, comics, Agents of SHIELD and Reed’s reunion with Jed Whedon, Mo Tancharoen and Dichen Lachman. From there – it was a hectic head first trip down the rabbit hole as we covered Rossum, Hydra, the spectrum of TV villains and the parallels of the fictional and real world.

Then onto Reed’s insanely busy 2014 – from Wayward Pines to the final season of Franklin and Bash, to working with Malcolm McDowell and his first foray in comedy (on TV anyway), then onto State of Affairs and back again.

All the while joined by Monkey (an actual magical monkey) and Donald (the inebriated and obscenely snobby elf). Daniel Whitehall – yup, heartless evil Nazi Hydra leader – even serenaded us with a chilling rendition of Jingle Bells.

Interview with Sandeep Parikh

sandeep 01A second Guildee joins us for a great chat about tv, online shows, comedy, what makes him laugh and his writing processes!

Particular highlights for me included discussing the art of being funny – or learning how to take comedy seriously and his favourite film (and the resultant fan boy moment).

Obviously we also chatted about his work on network TV (The Crazy Ones and Community) as well as his online performances (The Guild, Legends of Neil).

Chat with Munich band

munichA few months ago I bumped into a few members of Leeds based electro-indie band Munich while waiting for a gig.

Naturally, we got to talking. They seemed to be pretty cool lads so I arranged to have a bit of a chat with them about their band, music and Leeds.

Interview with Leah Cairns

leah 01Leah and I met at a SF convention last year and found ourselves chatting away like old friends in no time. Asking her to join us for a chat was both logical and obvious.

We chat about all sorts of things. From Leah’s origins as a dancer through her epic backpack years (!) to her realization that she wanted to act…in India…while visiting a mediation centre.

We then discuss Battlestar Galactica – her audition, input into her character and the Racetrack arc as a whole. Along the way, expect constant little tidbits about the cast and crew Leah was working alongside. As Leah notes, no one really understands these characters as well as the actors who portray them!

Interstellar – Chris Nolan’s soon to be released film, Kyle XY, Sanctuary, Fargo, The Tomorrow People and Leah’s dream projects are also explored along the way.

Finally, we take a look at Leah’s Go Fund Me campaign for two adorable little girls who are living with very dangerous conditions.

Yule Love It – Christmas Special

with Reed Diamond

reed 02Ladies and Gentlemen, there are no words.
We sing, we dance (thankfully not recorded in the podcast), laugh, cry and hurl.
It’s everything you could ever want in a Reed Diamond Christmas Special.
We discuss The Mentalist, Bones, Franklin and Bash as well as his new series Wayward Pines.
That’s the coherent part.
Reed also introduces you to two of his favourite Christmas scamps, sings and plots and plans his wishes for the future. We also put to rest the Turkey/Goose debate, as well as touching upon absurd crowd pleaser Duck sized Horses.
It’s all of the awesome.

 Chat with Reed Diamond

reed 03In our third annual chat, Reed and I are particularly loopy as we chat about all things Whedon – from his Much Ado About Nothing* experience, to Dollhouse, to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the true story behind being a Whedonite; the completed third season of Franklin and Bash and his guest appearances on Bones and The Mentalist.

It’s not going too far to say that this has been one of my favourite podcasts to record ever. Any hope for a plan went out the window a few seconds in and I spend half of it in stitches. Reed is a spectacularly awesome person in generally – as any of his followers can attest – who was On Top Form and demonstrates his epic mastery of the English accent.

Interview with Claudia Christian

claudia 01To hoards of SF fans, Claudia will always be General Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 – one of the greatest SF characters in one of the greatest SF TV series EVER. However – as you’ll hear during our chat – she’s a true renaissance woman, with a diverse range of activities and creative outlets.

She writes. She sings. She enjoys food, travel and books. She’s even written a few herself! All that on top of portraying countless memorable characters across tv and film. AND single handedly destroyed a small fleet.


Just a touch.

Interview with Enver Gjokaj

enver 01Enver Gjokaj – actor, writer and inventor – joins us for a chat about all sorts of everything – from TV appearances to creating original content, being part of Lust for Love – a kickstarter project from before it became all trendy – and an exclusive look at what’s coming next!
And of course, a solid section onJoss Whedon, The Avengers or Dollhouse.

We are also the first to find out more about the new web series that Enver has just finished co-writing. It’s called Hollywood Hitmen and Dichen Lachman will be involved on the screen and off! Listen in to get all the available details!

Interview with Robin Thorsen 

robin 01The Guild’s very own Clara joins us to share a little peek into her world!

Robin and I met at a convention last year and she was kind enough to agree to a little chat…recorded of course. For her sake.

We discuss The Guild (well duh), Robin’s new writing project – about an Italian family of chefs; her place in geek culture; theatre; music; her one true love – comedy; with lots of strange little offshoots on the way!

reed 01So, it’s Reed. There’s no telling where a conversation could be heading but naturally we talk Franklin and Bash, Joss Whedon, Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon (again), Bones, David Boreanez, Superheroes, comics, Ireland, Leeds, York, cheese…actually we might not have mentioned cheese…
We even managed to briefly touch on Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers, Memphis Belle, fops, Desperate Housewives, steam trunks…
What? We’re chatty people?

Interview with Nick Santora

nick santoraSteve is joined by novelist & TV writer Nick Santora.

They discuss Fifteen Digits, Prison Break, Breakout Kings, Beauty and The Geek and much more! Find out more at http://www.nicksantora.com

Reed Diamond!

reed 05Whedon fans will recognise him from his two year stint on Dollhouse as the enigmatic and secretive Laurence Dominic – the security chief in the house. And anyone who enjoys crime based shows will no doubt recognise him from Homicide – Life on the Streets, The Shield, 24, Cold Case, Castle, Monk, Journeyman, Numb3rs…I could go on, but my fingers are starting to seize up!
Have a listen to hear us natter about tv, films, George Clooney and everything in between!

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