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History of Culturally Fixated

Season 01 – Season 03 (first half)

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Channeling our inner Psych!

It all started with a tweet…a suggestion to meet up and geek out together…

Back in September of 2010, Steve and I met for the first time at the Dry Dock in Leeds City Centre. About 15 minutes later, we began recording the first episode of our podcast; this podcast.

For about two years, we met up whenever we could to chat about anything we could find with a cultural bent – from tv and films, to comics and books, to gaming and theatre and back again. We particularly bonded over a mutual love for Psych (leading to the picture above), Raising Hope and Terriers, as well as a deeply obsessive nature in relation to all comic book film adaptations.

Steve is an experienced comic, podcaster and radio presenter and to say I learned loads is an understatement! Aside from inspiring me to start podcasts for other areas in my life (Leeds Book Club Podcast Page!), he gave me the confidence to join in with the Leeds Browncoats project to raise money for charities through his own outstanding Stand Up For Heroes campaigns.


2014 ish

Season 03 – Onwards

From mid- 2103, it was becoming clear that life was getting just too hectic to facilitate our regular meet ups, which lead to Culturally Fixated taking tentative steps in a slightly different direction.

At a convention in 2011, Reed Diamond agreed to be interviewed by the CultFix team. We decided to build upon that first interview and approach other people of interest to interview.

As a regular convention attendee, I’ve been able to meet some really lovely people, who happen to star in, write for or work on my favourite shows.

Many of these have been kind enough to podcast with me. (You’ll find details of these interviews HERE)

In the meantime, Steve has brought to life a MOVIE – an honest to goodness film. Check out his blog for details on Transatlantic Smash!


Steve – Sometime radio presenter, writer for , producer for , podcaster, fat guy*

Contact Steve 

via Twitter – @FixatedOn

via Facebook – HERE

via his Blog

– Fixated On

*His words, not mine!


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