Quote – Carl Sagan

“One glance at a book and you actually hear the voice of another person — perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.” Carl Sagan, 20th Century American astronomer, astrophysicist & author

Comfort Listening – #Poirot

Bah! I have a cold and a cough and am all a bit flat. So have decided to listen to my Poirot audiobooks (read by Hugh Fraser (Hastings!!) in chronological order. First up is: 1909 - The Chocolate Box (short story) - 32 minutes Poirot’s only failed case. A French Deputy is found dead on … Continue reading Comfort Listening – #Poirot


The Picture Library @ #LeedsArtGallery

Leeds Art Gallery offers the most wonderful service and today I saw it up close! The Picture Library The Picture Library is an art lending scheme open to residents and businesses of Yorkshire. We have hundreds of original works of art to choose from and borrow; whether you’re into landscapes or abstracts, historic or contemporary … Continue reading The Picture Library @ #LeedsArtGallery

The Real Women of Greek Myths Jigsaw

As some of you might be aware, I’m a huge fan of Natalie Haynes (for example here, here, here and here). So when she tweeted that she had participated in a jigsaw of significant Greek characters from myths and legends… well… clearly I had no choice but to embrace my two hobbies colliding! Think you … Continue reading The Real Women of Greek Myths Jigsaw

Nerd Alert (By the Numbers)

Hit a major milestone this morning: 1000 days of Italian via Duolingo. While I am absolutely rubbish at it (languages and I just don’t click - not my forte at all!), I can’t deny that there’s a certain satisfaction in having stuck with it for such a significant chunk of time* It also means that … Continue reading Nerd Alert (By the Numbers)


While scrolling on mastodon, I learned an incredibly amazing and astounding story.  Just for context, the following response was offered in connection to a conversation about #ChatGPT bot recommending book titles to students with real authors, but generated titles. Apparently, this is a known issue with the #ChatGPT world.  In 1948, a fan wrote into … Continue reading Astounding!

Let’s go exploring

A day early, but I care not. This cartoon is one of my favourite ever Calvin & Hobbes strips and probably the best aspirational thought for the future ever.

A very quick preview of Jólabókaflóðið choices!

Details of the books to follow once Christmas stuff has calmed down!

Christmas week jigsaw

A pre-Christmas gift from D’elle - a Dobby jigsaw in a sock. A single sock. I’m finding the lack of a second sock stressful but nevertheless, still a free Dobby! A very fun jigsaw to make, but missing a piece. I’ve searched high and low and I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose it!!!

Plaster Tip

X cut his finger tip while peeling spuds this morning and handled it beautifully* As I am all the useful, I remembered a plaster hack from basic First Aid training that allows a plaster to easily hold onto a finger - even a finger tip! Illustration of cutting a plaster so that it will easily … Continue reading Plaster Tip