QUICK READ – Who moved my cheese – Dr Spencer Johnson

We’ve a new starter at work (seems lovely) and during the whole ‘getting to know you’ chat she asked me ‘which mouse are you?’.

And then stared at me expectantly. Like it was a perfectly normal question.

From my entirely blank expression, she breifly explained that it was a book about decisions that you could read in a half hour then could change my – …and didn’t get much further due to work and all that.

The following day, I arrived in to find the above book on my desk with a note – ‘Read this and let me know which mouse you are!’

BLURB (from Amazon)

It is the amusing and enlightening story of four characters who live in a maze and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to have in life, for example a good job, a loving relationship, money or possessions, health or spiritual peace of mind. The maze is where you look for what you want, perhaps the organisation you work in, or the family or community you live in. The problem is that the cheese keeps moving.

In the story, the characters are faced with unexpected change in their search for the cheese. One of them eventually deals with change successfully and writes what he has learned on the maze walls for you to discover. You’ll learn how to anticipate, adapt to and enjoy change and be ready to change quickly whenever you need to.

Discover the secret of the writing on the wall for yourself and enjoy less stress and more success in your work and life. Written for all ages, this story takes less than an hour to read, but its unique insights will last a lifetime.

This is a very quick read – a simple analogous story that focuses not on how you feel about any given decision, but on how you react to changes.

The Cheese is any desirable state – whether work or personal life – and in this story, it has been moved.

There are 4 characters – two mice – Sniffy and Scurry – and two little people – Hem and Haw. Each demonstrate an aspect of our decision making process and reaction to change. The mice are non-judgmental and adaptable and quickly seek out ‘new’ cheese. While the little people are more analytic – with their lives and personalities derived from ‘the cheese’ – therefore they react far more emotively and more slowly – if at all – to the event that has created a moment of change.

So which  mouse am I? Well…as you might have guessed…I’m all of them!

In (aspects of) my work life, I tend to be the mice – sniff out change then make it happen, not tied down to any particular system or protocol.

In my personal life, however, I’m far more likely to Hem and Haw. I have been far slower to recognise that change is inevitable and that attempting to cling to old cheese rather than embracing a new way  will only hold me back and hurt me.

While I completely appreciate that this story isn’t for everyone – and in a few cases will likely get people’s backs up – I am pleased to add this into my mental repertoire. Hopefully being aware of my own responses to change will allow me to navigate life and evaluate change a little more effectively.


NOW READING – No one is too small to make a difference – Greta Thunberg

Just finished this micro book, with a big message.

Which is that we need to act now, to effect the necessary changes to prevent a global catastrophe.

Great Thunberg has become the unexpected spokesperson of the Climate Change movement. She is 16 years old, from Sweden and adamant that ‘our house is on fire and we need to panic’. By panic, she means react.

This short collection of speeches places great emphasis on our capacity to effect great change…but only once we decide to.

And Ms Thunberg is becoming increasingly stressed by the current political failure to focus on climate change, instead wasting our limited time and resources arguing whether racist language denotes racism or the merits or lack thereof regarding Brexit.

As someone who wastes far too much time and energy on both, I heartily agree.

This is a call to action, but not a prescriptive list. I’m with Greta, we need to change. I need to change.

And I guess I need to start reading up on the science to figure out how exactly. But I need to start soon.

Greta Thunberg Ted Talk


BOOKS – Non Fiction (but I wish they were!)

I’ve been reading a bit more non-fiction books across the book clubs in the last few months (to be fair, 2 of them were my suggestions!).

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LBC White Swan is tonight 👍

Looking forward to donning my @LeedsBookClub cap this evening.

Am meeting up with the #LBCWSwan crew to discuss Canongate Myth book The Goddess Chronicle by Natsuo Kirino.

Equally thrilled that I’ll have a bestie from home with me. Huzzah!

(Still feeling guilty that my other Irish friend who joined us at book club last year had done the reading…but I hadn’t! 😱)

SPEECH – The Pleasure of Books – William Lyon Phelps

On the 10th of May 1933, the Nazis gathered German students from universities in cities including Berlin and led them in a book burning. The students were assembled from universities that had previously been held in high esteem internationally. They sought to destroy every book with ‘un-German’ ideas.

William Lyon Phelps was an American educator, literary critic and author who had served as a professor of English at Yale University (1901 to 1933). On April 6, 1933, he responded to this act in a speech delivered via a radio broadcast.

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POETRY – A Visit from St Nicholas

Read by Dervla Kirwan


POETRY – Pablo Neruda – I Like For You To Be Still

Read by Glenn Close

POETRY – EE Cummings – May I feel said he

Read by Loki. I mean Tom Hiddleston

REWATCH – Angel – Spike and Andrew

This is one of my favourite scenes in the Buffyverse

Angel S05 EP11 Damages

I love that Spike – who clearly knows what’s to come – just stands there and lets Andrew hug him. Again. And Again.

Spike 01

Spike 02

He knows Andrew, they’re mates…of a sort… so he doesn’t make fun or put him down (later there’s a gentle jibe but more at Wesley than Andrew and it’s very good humoured).

Spike 03

Also, Angel’s face – watching one of the Sunnydale set just ADORE Spike like that. And no harm for the rest of the team to be reminded again that there are other opinions on Spike (than Angel’s).

Spike 04

Couldn’t find a gif with the ‘like Gandalf the white…’ line

Spike 05

Spike 06

It’s just so…Buffy. And frankly, Angel (the series) needed a bit of that.

PLUG and REVIEW (ish) – 2 Kill Comic

IMG_3089You might recall me bragging about my friend Tom Ellis HERE and HERE.

Well, the little sod has gone and done it again! Damn him and his inspirational/creative self!

Tom has created a comic book series.

And written the first issue.

And published it.

And is selling it.

Episode 01 is a tale of intrigue.
An assassin is sent out to kill someone.
We see the instructions being given.
Then the interactions between the pair. 
Who is the target? Who the assassin?

tom comic

Initially I had intended writing a full review for Issue One but to do so would quite spoil this twisty-turny tale.

What I will say is that this is a terse thriller. The language used is deliberately ambiguous and captures the attention and imagination of the reader. The dialogue reads right, the character sound like they’re actually talking to each other (one of my normal bug bears in comics) which is a huge thumbs up.

All artwork has been created by Katie Thompson – another friend and con-family member of mine. Though I’ve seen bits and pieces of her work before, nothing on this scale and nothing so deliberately minimalist and stylistic in tone. I love the use of light and dark and that the only colour used in red. The emotions of the characters are emphasized throughout – bravo Katie!

I’m hugely impressed by my two mates – this is a terrific project! However, this is not perfect – not just yet.

In places, I could have used more exposition via text rather than via the artwork. During the dinner date for example, I almost resented having panels devoted to each detail of the nights progression – I thought that the pace suffered slightly here as a result. (However, later, after the date – the use of the art to propel the story forwards, as opposed to the writing is spot on. I’m an inconstant woman, clearly).

I look forward to seeing the direction that Tom and his intrepid team of awesome take for the next!

Watch the trailer here

[youtube https://youtu.be/2hMc2KtIfXo]

Visit the 2KILL page on facebook

Danny Snelson

Danny Snelson

2 Kill Playlist

You can download the soundtrack – compiled by Aaron Richards HERE because what is the point of a comic without a kickass soundtrack?

Or play the soundtrack on the embedded player below.

tl: dr

A brand new comic series from enthusiastic first timers;  that brings together a story, artwork and music.

Issue 1 out now!

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