HOME TOURIST – Flowers in Fewston

I’ve treated myself to a day off work and headed out for a walk around Fewston Reservoir.

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HOME TOURIST – Walking in Emley – Part 2

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated the blog. It’s also been far too long since I’ve been out and about, exploring the places I find myself and sharing beautiful spots.

Sometimes, when a hobby has been allowed to fall fallow; it ends up being easier/better to leave it be. In this case though, I have hugely missed my wanderings and indeed my little write ups and conversations with you all via the blog.

So when Jess (@BookElfLeeds) suggested a mini-mission – to try to source out a few walks that could potentially be used by her Brownie group as a field trip – I jumped at the chance!

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Help fund the 10th Leeds Brownies trip to London!

browniesOur good friend and Eagle Owl @BookElfLeeds is raising money for her Brownies. Here’s why

When we asked our Brownies what they really wanted to do this year, they told us they wanted to visit London.

We’re a Leeds Brownie unit, based in LS4/LS6, for whom money is tight, and we’d love to give our girls, aged 7-11, the trip of their lives. For most of them it will be their first time visiting London, for some their first time away from home.

We’d love to make this as cheap a trip as possible so that ALL our Brownies can join us, and for that to happen we need your help!

Funds will go initially to cover transport and accommodation costs, and to buy food for the girls. If there is any left over we’d love to have some thing special to look forward to, any suggestions let us know!

We’re travelling down in February. The girls are planning a fundraising Christmas Fair (more details as and when) and our plucky Eagle Owl Jess is going to complete the Leeds Country Way-a 63 round trip all around Leeds-all to raise money.

If you can spare a fiver, that would pay for tea for one of the girls. We’re grateful for every penny and will keep updates on things we’re planning, and let you know how the trip goes!

You’ll be making twenty little girl’s wishes come true with every donation-on behalf of them all THANK YOU for your very kind donations.

If you have a moment, please check out the JustGiving page here!

Convinced? Donate HERE!

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BLOG – Pop Up (Political) Art

The neighbour across the road from us is voting to leave the EU.

I know this because he popped over a few weeks ago to drop by some photos (a sunflower I gave him last summer ended up 7 foot tall!!) and told me so. He was quite keen to emphasize that while he wants to remove ties with Europe, he doesn’t mean me. (Tempted as I was, I decided not to delve into that one too much.)

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HOME TOURIST – Walking around Harewood House

As you might recall, the original Leeds Book Club Trio will be taking a little walking holiday next month. In order to get myself all prepared, I’ve been trying to get out for longer and more challenging walks.

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A lovely birthday message…

…was waiting to greet me this evening as I walked out of Captain America Civil War (have quibbles but I did very much enjoy – the Cap A films are such MCU gems!).

My friend WannabeMermaid (@110face) had composed the following DM Birthday Poem – just for me!!! *beams*

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HOME TOURIST – Walking with the Elf

Today the Elf, The Silent Partner & myself (the original LeedsBookClub trio!) organised a walking holiday for July. Huzzah for future happiness!  
Naturally, I’m in no shape for a 13 mile trek (and that’s day 2!!) so the Elf and I headed out to Swinsty Reservoir – one of my favourite spots in Yorkshire – to get some prep walking in!

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Busy Bees in Bradford

This morning, I had a really interesting chat with a taxi driver about autism provision in Bradford. He is really passionate about raising awareness of autism services so has asked me to help spread the word.

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Geashill – Tree Project Award!

Last year I mentioned that my home village Geashill was running a Trees for Family scheme, as part of its general Tidy Towns project.

Well Geashill was awarded Joint Winner of the Tree Project Award and my dad was present to accept the award (with his co-conspiritor Michael Guinan!).

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