MUSIC – Origins of Jazz, R and B and Blues Videos

I’m sure I’ve blogged about this once before, but I can’t find it. Lost to the ether, I guess. Last year, in one of my periodic Wikipedia based rabbit hole falls, I found myself researching the origins of R n B music in the 20th century. Some of the most incredible voices, lyrics (some quite … Continue reading MUSIC – Origins of Jazz, R and B and Blues Videos

Happy Towel Day

A bit of history from Wikipedia –Happy Towel Day

Good Omens – Lockdown

Happy 30th birthday Good Omens. Neil Gaiman has a little treat for us (and I liked that it was released by the Terry Pratchett YouTube channel).

LOCKDOWN – Random Projects

Other bits and pieces that I’ve been up to include: Peeling paint off two cupboard doors. Door 1 - pretty satisfying actually. Door 2 - otherwise known as ‘the little git’ “And the clock struck, never to strike again...” The kitchen clock (not mine, but ain’t it pretty!) worked for exactly* 23 minutes one day … Continue reading LOCKDOWN – Random Projects

BLOG – Biodiversity Ireland Newsletter

My father’s photo of a little White Tailed Bumblebee on a Hebe made it onto the cover of Biodiversity Ireland’s online newsletter! The photo was taken in Geashill, in front of the house, on an iPhone (at least he thinks so). You can find the full newsletter here on the Biodiversity Ireland website. I think … Continue reading BLOG – Biodiversity Ireland Newsletter

Doctor Who thanks NHS Staff

I found this quite touching. Various incarnations of the Doctor (I didn’t recognise everyone as am years behind) come together to thank those at the frontlines at hospitals and care homes. This lockdown is a strange situation that makes me (us?) feel very passive and useless. All we can do is wait. Gratitude and … Continue reading Doctor Who thanks NHS Staff

Follow up – WordPress might have missed the point of my salmon post…

So danielle just sent me this. Ummm...not quite the angle I was going for, WordPress advert...with the ecology and biodiversity of it all...

KIRKSTALL – A Salmon Bridge

They are building a salmon bridge in Kirkstall. Very cool. Course I had to double check what that actually meant. Connection “The wildlife in your river connects us all to far flung places. Atlantic Salmon will leave the shallow waters in the headwaters around Gargrave and take part in a vast migration to Greenland and … Continue reading KIRKSTALL – A Salmon Bridge

Song of the Day – Week 12 No 77 - Alone - Heart16th of MarchMy last official day in the office (though I have training booked in for Friday), following guidelines that we should all practice 'social distancing'. This was the track I heard on the way home, which appealed to my appalling sense of humour. It's not my better … Continue reading Song of the Day – Week 12

ALLOTMENT – Getting ready for spring

We’ve been busy. We got the onions in! And we made a friend in a red breast robin, who sang glorious songs, in gratitude for our exposing all the juicy worms! Herbs weeded. Figgus weeded Beds prepped for future planning. Even the rosemary got a tidy up.