2021 – SOTD – Week 14

Posting without much by means of comments, again, as I am still so far behind. 

Some week though, you can clearly see what sort of a mood I was in. Other weeks are just…weird! This one was particularly absent rhyme or reason (in relation to my choices anyway!).  

No 92 – Sandman – SYRA
Friday 2nd April
Assume this is a BBC 6 Music jobbie because I’m listening to it and nope – not a clue!

No 93 – Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Saturday 3rd April
Sadly, my strongest reference point for this song was its use in a trailer for the other Stephanie Meyer book based film – The Host. Do seek out the song…not so much the movie. 

No 94 – Written in the Stars – Tinie Tempah
Sunday 4th April
So catchy, so dancable, so singalongable and so well written. Which reminds me, I haven’t listened to any Tinie in ages! Once back in Leeds, I will track down Disc-Overy and Demonstration!

No 95 – Disfruto – Carla Morrison
Monday 5th April
Originally sent to me in February by X – take a look at a translation of the lyrics – they are so lovely. This is the first track of the Mexican composer and singer but won’t be the last. Her music is just beautiful. 

No 96 – Like a Prayer – Madonna
Tuesday 6th April
I mean, I’m not prepared to fight anyone but this is clearly the best Madonna song. (Ray of Light is the best album) And the video is still fabulous! Unashamed to admit that I’m old enough to watch it and think EVERY SINGLE TIME ‘that’s him from Cool Runnings’ (though Leon Robinson’s career has gone from strength to strength since then). 

No 97 – I can’t stand the rain – Tina Turner
Wednesday 7th April
Why don’t I listen to more Tina? She’s amazing! This song gave me proper flashbacks to the pre-teen years. I was less a grab a hairbrush and pretend to singalong and more a think of a deeply dramatic story for the lyrics. 

No 98 – Young Blood – The Naked and Famous
Thursday 8th April 
I just love this…(and the Birdy cover is just sublime too) and can’t believe that the song is 11 years old now! :O I guess I was young and naive when it came out but I can’t say I qualify for that title anymore. Le sob!

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