Weekend Away Day 2

Yesterday was a leeetle bit chillier than we had hoped, so we stayed local in the morning.

It was also my S-I-L’s birthday so got some great family chats going throughout the day!

And then we visited the sea!!!

I did not get in because it’s like 6° but just being in its vicinity is enough for this water baby!

There were some families but nothing like the numbers you’d expect on a bank holiday weekend (the average Brit holiday maker is far hardier than I and are usually much more forgiving of under 10° temperatures!).

And very few places open. Though we managed to source a place for a hot choc and ‘Sandsend Scoundrel’.

Then back to Grosmont – where we popped into the local ‘Station Tavern’ for a social-distant drink. We were sat by the Quiot’s pitch – which was fun as its yet another game I’ve never heard of!

Quoits (/ˈkɔɪts/ or /ˈkwɔɪts/) is a traditional game which involves the throwing of metal, rope or rubber rings over a set distance, usually to land over or near a spike (sometimes called a hob, mott or pin). The sport of quoits encompasses several distinct variations.


Then back to the cottage for a chicken curry, g+t and rest.

Lovely day.

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