Weekend Away – Day 1

My honey is back! Hooray!

Naturally (!), our first thought was to get away… I jest of course, but it’s been a very long 8 months and I’m still pretty cautious about the whole opening up thing, so we agreed that a weekend in the Moors would be just the thing.

We’d a late start but made it to the tiny, picturesque town of Grosmont (pronounced Growmont – which was its historic name. Why did they change the spelling and not the pronunciation? To vex me.) just in time to check in at 4.

The little cottage that we are staying in rests right beside the railway. So this is our view:

It’s a lovely location, very pretty place. But it’s the proximity to the railway which has been incredibly exciting. For one of us 🤣

Grosmont is a rail town through and through. So, Covid – which has prevented the steam train from running – has had quite an impact.

Nevertheless, we were still able to go walk down the deliberately Victorian-esque platform and visit the GB trains in the yard

The oldest independent cooperative society (150 years serving the local community) in the country is well worth a visit. Not just to stock up on staples, but because the manager is a hoot! Also, they had gin! Award winning Whitby Gin.

There’s an independent second hand book shop that – miracle or miracles – was also open. Laaaarge military section but quite a good crime fiction lot as well. And obviously railway books coming out the wazoo. The seller was perfectly friendly but left us to it – a true professional!

As it’s a Friday, The Old School pizzeria was open so we bobbed down and picked up some wood-fired pizza – deelish.

Then back to the cottage, fire lit, gin opened. Taylor Swift on in the background. What a perfect day.

Also, it was my birthday. So, what a fantastic present to have my love holding my hand. But also the cards and gifts were so well received! Thank you all!

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