‘Just up to the usual, thanks’ (3 Good Things – Week 15)

For the first time in 7 months, I’ve spent a week with my hunny. Obviously, we haven’t been able to go out, so instead we’ve been getting to know each other again by returning to our ‘before times’ routines.

And it’s been blissful.

Take today for instance.

1. Up unexpectedly early

This whole getting enough sleep thing is weird. I go to bed at a ‘civilised’ time, then wake up ridiculously early but with energy? What is this witchcraft?

I blame him for this sensible routine entirely.

So we had sausages for breakfast and then headed out for a socially distant walk with one of his friends at St Aidans Nature Park (must bring dad when I can, it’s a bird viewing delight! 🦅).

Though it was chilly for the most part, when the sun shone, it was a glorious day. And though we didn’t walk far (we were lead by a four year old who was fascinated by a particular patch of shoreline), just being out – unrained on – was a treat.

2. Reading time is sacrosanct

As I’d book club this evening, this morning was spent by me reading ‘Apex Hides the Hurt’ by Colson Whitehead while he did the laundry, replaced batteries and generally pottered.

We made each other tea (coffee for me, thanks) and sat in that companionable silence that I’ve missed so much, I could weep.

Every now and again, we’d swap a smile or a passing thought but otherwise, just peaceful.

Book club itself was great fun. I’ve become a bit of a basic reader these last few years, missing loads of nuance and connections.

Thank the skies I have clubbers who see all these and more in a book! I went in a bit ‘don’t get it’ and came away from the zoom call with far greater understanding.

I mean, I’m still not sure I really get it but I appreciate it so much more!

3. Wasgij for the win!!!

To relax, we’ve broken out a new jigsaw – or Wasgij for regular readers.

As before, no idea how it’s going to turn out but we’ll get there.

Piece by piece.

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and have a super week!

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