3 Good Things – Week 2

So very glad to be doing this, because January is proving to be long, tedious, wet and cold. A particularly January January.

I published the first instalment of this little project on the 5th. It’s been…a wild whirlwind since then.

Here in the UK, the third lockdown is not easy but the high daily death toll suggests that perhaps even harsher measures might be required.

In Ireland, the infection rates are just horrific, especially when contrasted with just a month ago.

Across the pond, the day after I hit publish, the United States saw two democratic candidates selected by the state of Georgia to Congress. The very next day – rioters and insurrectionists marched on the Capitol in an attempted coup.

So, it’s been a bit easy to get caught up in the news and forget to reflect on what is working out well.

But – heaven knows – I can rant enough about the news here – that is not what *this* post is for.

1 – Project Crochet

A few weeks before Christmas, a friend of mine reminded me that I used to think I could do anything I set my mind to. So she was very surprised to discover (a few years ago) that when she tried to teach me crochet, I gave up. Complete defeatism.

So I’ve decided that this year I’m going to become a crochet queen. I have bought the cutest little frozen set with the intention of making at least one of them by next Christmas.

Immediately, I enlisted the Elf – who is a crafting wizard. She looked at the box, looked at me and said ‘You don’t want to start with the basics, no. Straight into a really complicated project, huh?’

To be fair, she didn’t say ‘You’re an idiot’ out loud but she did that eyebrows raised thing that made it very obvious.

And no – I don’t expect to make tiny people straight out of the gate. I’ve dug out my copy (never opened) of Stitch n Bitch – The Happy Hooker and plan on starting at the very beginning and working my way through it.

But look! I can cast on (or whatever it’s called in crochet) and make a line. I think I got a twist halfway through, but never mind, it’s a line.

Tomorrow, I’m going to make…it … something else.

2 – Feeling somewhat sorted

Not entirely sure if this is a Good Thing or just self praise, but nevertheless, here I go.

Since the 1st, I’ve found myself very busy ‘sorting’ something. For work hours – it’s been projects, with at least two days of training. I’ve accidentally become the H&S lead so have been reworking the training and figuring out all the ins and outs of that which has been surprisingly engrossing. And the training means I’m still interacting with people – so it’s a proving to be a good balance.

In the evenings, I keep going. It might be small (getting that drawer organised; sorting clothes and books to donate etc) or a bit bigger (cleaning out the fridge; getting LBC into a workable shape) to the positively gargantuan (Have finally started on the cellar – the last of the wild places. Also, we’ve organised the roofer to come out; found a handyman and agreed a plan of action going forwards.)

And it’s really helping. For the first time in YEARS I feel prepared for book club – so it’s easier to get motivated to finish the book, get a blog up and – though we’ve only held one book club so far this month – I felt much more relaxed during the call. WOO HOO!

Walking around the house, it’s not like you can clearly see a massive difference – it’s that feeling of implied space, that little inch of extra wriggle room. It’s like having a few clear inches in front of me has cleared some space in my head too.

3 – Keeping Connected

The family and I had a group chat last weekend, which was a ton of fun. My brother is particularly good at staying in touch, but I tend not to think of doing ‘group things’ without prompting (seriously – I’m honestly convinced I’ve been an introvert in hiding all along!).

Now that X has introduced me to ‘structured fun’ – zoom bingo and murder mystery’s, I have a feeling I might try expand my horizons a little bit further!

Laini and I are maintaining our reading nights this year – whoop whoop! I’m two books completed so far this year and two started (have to break away from the non-fiction How To Be A Liberal by Ian Dunt in order to start #LBCHorsforth‘s first read of the year, which I’m looking forward to.

Also, I’ve reconnected with a friend of nearly 20 years standing. We lost touch a few years ago but have regular chats planned – so far they have been AWESOME. Though I did end up watching Cats.

Hope Week 2 of 2021 has been a pleasant one for you all too – not withstanding the ‘all this‘.

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