Today has been a Bah

But it’s looking up.

Work was challenging today. A very long training day that I didn’t really connect with. So by 5pm, I was shattered.

That was followed by an out of hours work appointment that I’d been so looking forward to. Thankfully, it was a very restorative call and I feel so much better – as a work orientated person – to end my working day – albeit a long one – on a positive note.

Tragically* I didn’t get my walk in today. So I do feel a bit bereft. At least yesterday’s was just perfect.

On an additional positive note, I actually blogged as LBC tonight – it’s been a while and I’m taking small wins, don’t judge.

And after my shower, I get my weekly treat – a read along with my bestie. Laini and I will chat and read (I’m starting the stranger by Harlan Coban) and set the world to rights.

What a lovely day it’s turned out to be!

* I realise this is not an actual tragedy.

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