BLOG – Leeds Pride

I Rise – Madonna

Specially written and recorded to mark 50years since the original Stonewall Riot.

Once again, Pride was a family affair for me this year as I was joined by my un-sister* Danielle and her aborabubble sunshine-in-human-form son – B.

Adding to the family vibe, was (from right to left in the photo below) B’s aunt Emma (mad party animal – I can just tell), LBC Puffin herself, the lovely Helen and Beth the bootiful (bestie ‘n’ neighbour).

It’s been an absolute age since Helen and I have caught up and as you can probably tell…we had nothing to say to each other…

The Owl and the Puffin. Together again.

As we all arrived in a somewhat chaotic fashion from various areas across the city, we missed the stalls; but managed to score an excellent spot on the Headrow.

It felt like the city was heaving. Every bus and train seemed to be populated with rainbow clad people (they’ll be cleaning the glitter off for a year!) and there were few businesses that failed to fly a visible rainbow flag.

Progress Flag (2018) Daniel Quasar

None the less, there was a much more political feel to this years parade, compared with last year.

I don’t mean political party politics – though the Lib Dem’s wore their ‘bollocks to bigotry!’ shirts, while the Labour queers proudly exclaimed that they’d never kissed a Tory. And the Tory’s…were there and not booed or anything because inclusion works, dammit.

No, I meant more personal politics. A thin thread of anger, running as a constant undercurrent to the celebrations.

“The first Pride Parade was a Riot!’

‘Pride has always been a protest’

‘We’re here! We’re queer! We will not live in fear!’

‘Stonewall trans kicked off Pride. So stop killing us’

‘You Pinkwash…but we don’t forget’

‘Trans rights are human rights’

‘TERF free territory’

So, a fantastic day, with lots of scope for discussion!

It was wonderful to see the charity that I work for – St Anne’s Community Services (@StAnnesEquality) marching. We work really hard to be inclusive and honour dignity and respect as a core operational principle – so I can’t help but admit to feeling some pride about that too!

From last years pride

*No actual relation. But indisputably family.


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