BLOG – Pop Up (Political) Art

The neighbour across the road from us is voting to leave the EU.

I know this because he popped over a few weeks ago to drop by some photos (a sunflower I gave him last summer ended up 7 foot tall!!) and told me so. He was quite keen to emphasize that while he wants to remove ties with Europe, he doesn’t mean me. (Tempted as I was, I decided not to delve into that one too much.)

OBVIOUSLY, it’s his right to vote how ever he wishes. Even if he weren’t a lovely, friendly, soft spoken man; he would still be OBVIOUSLY completely entitled to his opinions, political insight and all that jazz (shouldn’t need saying, but I wanna be real clear that I respect whatever he decides is best for him). He’s a good neighbour and I like him.

To be fair, I’d an inkling that he might be leaning in that direction. There are now 4 Leave EU/We want our country back signs and placards on his house, including a signpost style flag post. In addition, he’s built a trailer for portable message sending.*

It’s pretty much all I can see from my living room.

Course it could be much much worse 🙂


It’s hard not to take it personally (I’m the only European living directly opposite him!!) – and it’s pretty much ALL I can see from my living room. It’s actually SUPER uncomfortable waking up to that each day. But as the whole point of a democracy is that you can think and live and vote as you see fit, then…

Good on you, Mr Neighbour Man.  

For being engaged. For caring. For Doing Your Bit. 

But I can’t wait till the election is done and the art work comes down. 8 days left right?

*Just in case you were wondering, I don’t live in a particularly political area – there are no other signs indicating a voting preference on any other house on the street


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