BLOG – Digital Detox

Just before my birthday, I went for a walk. T’was uneventful. Over the next two days, the top of my foot became swollen and bruised and I basically spent the next 10 days resting it. From WALKING! Grrr

social-media-detoxAs a result, I began stalking y’all on Twitter. Every single not-stuck-in-the-house-out-in-the-world one of you. Eschewing sleep, I read every opinion piece and news article on three websites – incited, enflamed and enraged at every one. I binge watched a (couple of) four season TV series and grew bitter.

As I descended further and further into a massive sulk, I found that setting on my phone that broke down my exact usage. Hour by hour. App by app. Instead of immediately shutting it down and making a coffee (my go to response whenever I find that darned setting), I took a peek.  Frankly, the results were pretty horrific (and will NOT be shared!). Coupled with the dark clouds floating above me, I realised a few things.

  • I was spending FAR too much time online (especially on Twitter, Tumblr and the comments on the guardian)
  • By trying to do too much, I’m not actually achieving anything.
  • The longer I spent on my phone or laptop, the steeper the decline in my productivity, good humour and enjoyment in EVERYTHING*

So I did exactly what you’d expect. I googled it.

fail whale

Turns out, many people have been finding themselves addicted to – but not necessarily enjoying social networking sites/click bait articles/news/comments…pick your poison in the last few years. We’re all putting in long hours online but receiving less and less in return.

Additionally, I’ve been slowing dipping my toe into the tidying-slash-philosophical stylings of Marie Kondo  (creator of the Kon Mari system) – who has recently spoke about tackling our digital space in the same way as we do our physical ones. Not all of my most vital apps necessarily spark joy but nevertheless, I decided to make the attempt.

(Also, as I’ve had much time to stare at my navel, I’ve been considering who I blog for (inspired by the always awesome Margot and Barbara post), what I want to share and what to keep personal and the quality of the content that I share – but these are reflections for another day)

So I’ve decided to attempt a mini-digital detox.

  • First things first, I deleted all my social networking apps. If I want to engage, I’ll log in on the laptop – which funny story – would have been a heck of a lot easier if I made sure I knew my passwords before deleting them. Grrr…again.
  • Then I went through every icon on my phone and if I hadn’t used it in the last 3 months, I deleted it. If I need it, I can always download it again, right. Right? RIGHT??
  • Then I got an add blocker and {deep breath} blocked all comment pages. Which is really annoying because I love reading them but the RAGE…the RAGE takes from the fun of thinking passionately about any topic.
  • I did add one new app – a habit making tracker. I’ll let you know if it goes well (though do please note, I’m actually blogging right now…rather than lurking on social networking. That’s a win).
  • Finally, I made a point of putting my phone down. And attempted to focus on the task at hand.  FYI, I suck at mono-tasking.

Within 5 mins of removing Twitter, I’d tried to check it 3 times. A sign I’m on the right track, methinks.

If you need me, I’m still contactable by phone, email or via the comments here.

* Not implying a causality here – pretty sure I go hide online because I’m already heading into a funk – not the other way around.


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