Tribute in Brixton from last night 

David Bowie was a constant influence in my life. My parents loved his music so even the really odd stuff was something we young un’s rapidly became familiar with. My mum and I were also just a touch enchanted by the man himself. And the Goblin King (from the Labyrinth) has fascinated and delighted me since my childling days…which I might have mentioned before. 

One or another of his albums (or – more likely – a mixtape of my favourite songs painstakingly copied onto cassette) was always on rotation in my Walkman. Until I went to Uni. Then I listened to cd’s instead 😉  

Like many people, I only really started re-exploring his music with more consideration after The Next Day was released in 2013. While I had remained a fan, there was less urgency to pick up his every release, until this. This was less a comeback and more of an explosive release of creativity – dark, thought provoking, occasionally strange and – predictably – astoundingly well written. 

Last year, (I think) I stuck up a playlist for Nothing has Changed – my mothers Christmas present from my dad. We stuck in the first CD and it provided our soundtrack for the day. Cooking the turkey, wearing jumpers over pj’s, dancing when we felt the need – each of us knowing every lyric. One turned to another and commented ‘not a single dud so far – every song a classic’. That’s probably the ‘David Bowie – Foley’ moment that will stay with me most vividly. 

I haven’t really listened to Blackstar in its entirety yet. Heck, I only barely heard it was out before I realised its his swan song. 

Here are the final two videos, from his final album. 




MUSIC VIDEO – David Bowie

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