REWATCH – Angel – Spike and Andrew

This is one of my favourite scenes in the Buffyverse

Angel S05 EP11 Damages

I love that Spike – who clearly knows what’s to come – just stands there and lets Andrew hug him. Again. And Again.

Spike 01

Spike 02

He knows Andrew, they’re mates…of a sort… so he doesn’t make fun or put him down (later there’s a gentle jibe but more at Wesley than Andrew and it’s very good humoured).

Spike 03

Also, Angel’s face – watching one of the Sunnydale set just ADORE Spike like that. And no harm for the rest of the team to be reminded again that there are other opinions on Spike (than Angel’s).

Spike 04

Couldn’t find a gif with the ‘like Gandalf the white…’ line

Spike 05

Spike 06

It’s just so…Buffy. And frankly, Angel (the series) needed a bit of that.


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