The not-at-all photogenic Killjoys

The not-at-all photogenic Killjoys

Y’all know that I’m a sucker for a good theme song (memo to me – might be time for an updated TV Theme song playlist…). I’ve tolerated many a not-so-awesome show just because I enjoyed the music (and in fact I was predisposed AGAINST the most recent Star Trek tv series because of its dire theme song. A song. With LYRICS. For Star Trek. Ooooh I can feel the blood pressure rising already!).

Killjoys is a new Canadian* SF series – very Firefly meets Farscape – with a pleathora of SF references to keep the serial viewer happy (Red 17, ‘So say we all’). Also space ships, alien planets and shiny things…so it’s fair to say I’m likely to get hooked.

Killjoys spaceship space bounty hunters


Killjoys follows a trio of hard-living but fun-loving bounty hunters – Dutch, John, and D’avin– taking on interplanetary missions, chasing and capturing deadly criminals throughout a distant system named the Quad.

They have sworn amongst themselves to remain neutral during a bloody, multi-planetary class war that threatens to destroy the Quad.

Additionally, Dutch and D’avin both have dark secrets in their past – secret even from themseleves – and which threaten to tear their team apart.

The theme track is written by show creator and writer Michelle Loveretta (Lost Girl) and *is performed by the Mahones (or a few of their members anyway) – an Irish Canadian punk-rock-folk group. called A Real Westerlyn.

No sign of the complete song just yet.





First 4 minutes


*I know that I’m constantly harping on about it…and here I go again – I’m telling you – Canada is *the* place for new SF for TV. Sure, the production values aren’t always as high as on the US equivalents, but they have more heart and guts. Orphan Black, Continuum (not a perfect show but still), the good half of Haven (I kid) – some of my favourite shows of recent years have come out of the great north…the white north? That country there!

**I had originally posted this line about the Mahones but was corrected via comment. Thanks for the update Jeffrey!


MUSIC VIDEO – Killjoys theme song

3 thoughts on “MUSIC VIDEO – Killjoys theme song

  1. This information comes from talking to Katie Kaboom herself;
    Finny McCool and Katie Kaboom have Nothing to do with the Killjoys theme song, Westerley Theme.

    Finny and Katie did the Irish sounding song during the first episode that’s mainly in the background, but can be seen being lip synced by a red head.
    And the True title of the song is A Real Westerlyn.

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