Conversations with Geek People – we exist!


to everyone who has downloaded and listened to our podcast; RT-ed; been generally supportive or tweeted B-A-N-A-N-A-S at Shona (@EllieJayden) and myself over the last two days.

xander 01We’ve very happy.

We’re giddy happy like.

We’re Xander Snoopy Dance happy.

As exciting as it is to have the podcast up and running; there are still a few details to sort out.

Tiny insignificant things like submitting the podcast to itunes and hoping to the Gods that it gets picked up there. Makes subscribing just SOOOOO much easier. {did you see what I did there? Subtle, right?}

And we’re hoping that you will be involved. By doing exactly the same thing that you’re already doing.

Keep tweeting us suggestions, recommendations, hints, tips and tricks! If you can think it, we can Geek it…probably…

Suggestions so far

  • Top 3 of what we are watching/reading/listening/etc
  • Top 3 of what we’re looking forward to watching/reading/listening/etc
  • Playlists
  • Videos
  • We recommend…

Personally, I’d like to come up with a pithy funny hashtag so that we can chat with you effectively! However, I’m a bit crap at stuff like that…so I’m hoping one of you will provide one!

Let me know any suggestions and we’ll pick the one that sings to our souls


Episode 01 – An introduction aka There’s going to be siiinginnnnng!

Here’s the link to the mobile link

unnamed (1)To find all posts relating to Conversations with Geek People, click HERE

To find us on twitter #CWGP

itunesFancy subscribing? We can also be found on iTunes.


2 thoughts on “Conversations with Geek People – we exist!

  1. Loved the ‘cast, ladies. You two work so well together. (disclaimer to anyone else reading, I do know these lovely ladies 😛 )

    I was constantly wanting to jump into the conversation. A good discussion about geekdom is something I miss in between cons, and its been way too long. I should’ve made notes, but I’d probably end up writing an essay.

    Can’t wait to hear your next podcasts. Helps fill in the con void. 😉 Hopefully see you both in November.

    • looks like you will be seeing us in november!! huzzah!!

      hoping to involve our friends and con community in a little project actually – will only take 5 minutes … up for it?

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