HOME TOURIST – Altamont Gardens 

En route to the Kilkenny Arts Festibal, we stopped off in Co Carlow to visit another in the garden trail – Altamont Gardens. 

Walk this way…  

Just a little further…  

Altamont Estate ‘the jewel in Irelands gardening crown‘ is believed to have been both a convent and a monestry in its time, as well as a private residence. Though it’s history is a little muddied, as a dwelling the site dates back to at least the 16th century. 

Visitors are encouraged to explore the many trails and walks, whether through the formal or informal gardens or down by the riverside or through the woodlands. 

There’s an artificial (but beautifully embedded) lake just COVERED in lily pads too.   

As you would imagine, the gardens were lush and colourful, especially at this time of year!      

Colour and beauty everywhere…  
The keen observer of this blog will have no doubt noticed that I’m partial to running water. This was a particularly soothing spot and I found myself humming the opening lines of a song from our graduation mass (The River by Garth Brooks). 

You know a dream is like a river, 

Ever changing as if flows…

And a dreamers just a vessel

That must follow where it goes…

There is alao an old (and bit battered) house that will be gorgeous when restored, but in the meantime provides ideal strutting ground for the site peacocks (which sadly wouldn’t oblige me with a photo).    
The 100 steps walk leads back from the river to the grounds, via the Temple (which I didn’t trek up to – gotta leave something for next time!).

I can confirm that there are indeed 100. Yes, I counted. Did you doubt me for a second? 😉  

After all that climbing; there’s a lovely cafe nestled in the garden centre to stop for a break.    

With Pekin Bantams (that’s fancy chickens to the uninitiated)     

And a garden centre where you can pick up some of the lovlies to bring home…  

We spent a wonderful few hours exploring and didn’t see everything. I know that I’ll be back to visit again in the future to find the place transformed by the seasons!

 Open daily from February to November – 9am to 5:00pm

Also open weekdays in December. Telephone (059) 9159444 to check.

Entrance is Free

Guided Tours are available, with adults tickets – €2.75


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