FRIENDS – Aye Robots

Enjoy story-driven platform adventure games?

Ever wanted to play one about robots?

Set in Yorkshire?

Never thought about it before …but suddenly wanna?

Then check out



Release date: 2016!


Yorkshire Robots are not an exciting brand. In fact, the company has been in a bit of a rut for some time.

They promise their Robots are “Safe, Clean and Normal”.

However, it’s possible that not everything is quite as it seems…

You know how I periodically have to brag about my amazing and talented friends? This is one of *those* posts!

My friend and soul sista  @CharlotteGore has created this awesome little game quite unlike anything I’ve ever heard of before!

CG is one of those annoying talented people, who excel in a variety of different fields (damn their eyes); it seems that whatever she turns her hand to; she masters! On top of that she’s funny, plays a wicked guitar and knows Buffy backwards – she’s good people!

So, if Aye Robot this sounds like your thing, check out the trailer and site and I’ll keep you posted about release dates!


The music used throughout was composed by @gillhespy, who also provided the voice work. On top of that, the multi-talented chap also animated the pixel art.

charlotte goreVisit Stair Fall Games for regular game updates!

Say hi to @CharlotteGore on twitter!

Visit Charlotte Gore’s YouTube channel!


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