MUSIC – Twibal Playlist

This weekend, Stronger (by Kelly Clarkson) appeared on  my playlist. Immediately, my thoughts flew to my twitter family @CindyMealer (sadly no longer with us #RememberCindy) and our best bud @Not_JohnStamos. They LOVE this song. Really really REALLY love it. And might have mentioned it a few thousand times online.

calvin and hobbes 2

Which got me to thinking – I have song associations for people that I have never met but absolutely adore. Which is just so cool.

For me, twitter is an extension of that ancient idea of making meaningful connections with people that you would almost certainly never meet with in real life – putting a letter in a bottle or balloon mail or having a pen pal in another country. (Though flights abroad are more reasonable now, even today, I chat weekly with people I might still never meet in the flesh and only a few decades ago – the idea would have been laughable.)

Here’s a few that jumped to mind (if you don’t like your pick – let me know, I’ll swap it out!) earlier today!


  1. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson@CindyMealer and @Not_JohnStamos
  2. For Good – Wicked Cast@_JustJens_
  3. Runaways – Killers@Cidergirli
  4. The You and Me Son – The Wannadies @DiTippingWoods
  5. Don’t Stop Believing – Glee Cast – @FaithGentlemen
  6. Get this party started – Shirley Bassey@Tess_hs
  7. Man, I feel like a woman – Shania Twain @Theefefe
  8. Girl from Mars – Ash @SteveCult
  9. In Dreams – Roy Orbison @GrrArgh
  10. Magic Dance – David Bowie@Gazpachodragon
  11. A Man’s Gotta Do – Doctor Horrible @Crazyimii
  12. LeviOsa not LeviosAHarry Potter@WatcherMark
  13. You Really Got Me – The Kinks@ChrisNickson2
  14. Petals – Hole@EllieJayden
  15. Somewhere over the rainbow/What a wonderful World – @WoodsieGirl
  16. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac@CharlotteGore
  17. Pavlov’s Bell – Aimee Mann @Charlotte Gore
  18. Anyone else but you – The Mouldy Peaches – @BookElfLeeds
  19. Goodbye to You – Michelle Branch @Shevolution
  20. Buffy Theme – @Lainibop
  21. Tapestry – Carole King @shdbwriting

(Just to clarify, this is a mixture of people I know IRL; know IRL but communicate with online and those I only know online)


  • The first recorded messages in bottles occurred in Ancient Greece in roughly 310 BC.
    • The Philosopher Theophrastus used the bottles as part of an experiment designed to show that the Mediterranean Sea was formed by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The inhabitants of the Scottish island of St Kilda – a remote place – have been using messages in bottles/containers for communicate since 1876.
  • NASA has also bought into the shout into the void idea and has launched several interstellar ‘messages in bottles’
    • The Pioneer Plaque – a gold-anodized aluminium plaque attached to the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 (1972 and 1973 respectively)
    •  The Voyager Golden Record – two spacecraft carry a gold-plated copper disk with recorded sounds and images representing life of Earth.
  • The Yevpatoria RT-70 radio telescope transmitted messages to potential ET civilisations in 1999, 2001/3/8
  • My personal favourite – in the 16th century, the English navy used bottle messages to send information relating to enemy positions.
    • Queen Elizabeth the first created the position of ‘Uncorker of Ocean Bottles’.
    • Anyone else found opening the bottles could face the death penalty.

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