REVIEWS – A Blast from the past – Thursday Next-tastic!

Found in my drafts from 2009.

I just got through the second in the Thursday Next books, by Jasper Fforde. I didn’t find it quite as compelling as the first – though it was really enjoyable.

book - thursday next

In this book, Thursday must learn how to integrate with fictional characters if she ever wants to see her husband again. The deliciously vicious Jack Schitt (how much do i enjoy writing that name!) from the Goliath corporation remains trapped in The Raven (Edgar Allen Poe) and her father – inconveniently removed from existance – has just told her that the world is about to end!!

So it ain’t slow on action, but I felt that the book was a bit too full if you know what I mean. I love that all the little stories connect and weave one coherent thread, but, as with Love Actually, it was difficult to keep caring about all the different strands.
And I’m still not entirely sure that she should have married who she did in the first place…

On the plus side, Miss Havesham, borrowed from Great Expectations (by Charles Dickons) becomes Thursday’s mentor in Jurisfiction (who police the fictional world). She is marvellous, just as loopy as you could wish, but with a daredevil side to her.
I’ve already recommended this series to everyone I meet, and I’m hoping to start installment 3 tomorrow.


book - ashIn other book related news, I’ve just finished Ash by Mary Gentle. This enormous monster of a book, covers a ‘lost’ period in our history, based around a female mercenary called Ash.

So well researched and so detailed, this book is at times incredibly brutal, with the protagonist being raped and beaten on the first page.

The lives of the times are often cut short violently, and the battle scenes are written in a pacy, often frantic way, which only heightens the tension! Just when you get the hang of the story, there is a killer twist-y revelation that turns everything upside down!
So good, I’m thinking of suggesting that we cover another Mary Gentle book soon!

Anyhoo, off for a snooze…


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