HOME TOURIST – Walking in Emley

The Elf and I headed out last weekend for another walk.

The walk itself was challenging but manageable. Due to overgrowth, it wasn’t always as clear a path as I’d have preferred but we made it and – more importantly – we had great fun.


By the end, we clocked up 12km (7.4miles). The extra was due in part to popping into a lovely local park for a look…

IMG_3301IMG_3302…and because we walked straight past the paths turn off.

It’s behind you!

More than once actually…

Which meant we had to take a break…


We’d a natural Gladiator moment…

We found a lovely stream – one side of it runs clear, the other is red with (what we presumed) was iron


And walked through some incredibly dense fields. The path was about half a foot wide and the wheat was at least waist high.


It was a beautiful day…
IMG_3333 IMG_3331 IMG_3326

My only criticism of the walk was that it could have been better signposted.


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