HOME TOURIST – Geashill – The Glebe Walk

My home village of Geashill holds a very special place in my heart.

Welcome to Geashill, a charming, picturesque village halfway between Tullamore and Portarlington, in the heart of Co. Offaly. It’s built heritage evolved during the 18th century; the Castle dates from the 12th century but its history can be traced right back to accounts of the excommununication of St. Columba at a synod held here in 550 A.D.

From the geocache page

Returning to Ireland at the age of 16 was…a bit odd. It was difficult to know my place in the world. However, I never felt anything but at home in Geashill.

It’s always been a particularly beautiful place (no bias, honest!) and in the last few years it seems that everybody is pulling together to make it even more so. The Tidy Towns Committee in particular (DISCLAIMER – my dad is on it) have been incredibly active at ensuring that the village is presented at its best, while promoting the indigenous natural wildlife.

On my most recent trip home, I took my friend @EllieJayden on a tour. Despite only living 25 minutes away, she had never been before and must have been a bit bemused when I suggested it.

As I could easily wax lyrical about the beauty of Geashill for hours, I’ve decided to focus this post on my special favourite spot – The Glebe Walk.

At the entrance is a nature board – highlighting the diversity of wildlife in the area.

The Glebe Walk - nature board 2

My father – Pat Foley – created the artwork for the board. *proud face*

And just as you enter, is the Insect Hotel.

This was built in 2012, with the assistance of the Killeigh and Geashill Boy’s Brigade.

Insect Hotel


A detailed look at the Insect Hotel

An Insect Hotel is:

a manmade structure created from natural materials, they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the specific purpose or specific insects it is catering to.

The Hotel is a favourtie with local schools – read a recent(ish) report here.


There are also benches and seats along the path.

Hard at work…

There is also a tree planting project underway in the Glebe – known as the Trees for Families scheme.

Trees appropriate to the area (such as Red and Holm Oak, Horse Chestnut, Common Beech) are individually sponsored by the residents of Geashill (though I believe that anyone can seek to become involved). Each sponsor receives a certificate – recording the sponsor and the recipient; a unique dedication and a map so that you can locate it at a later point.

Meet me..the tree! A very meta-experience!

On National Tree Week; the  Tree Planting project celebrated 150 new trees sponsored in the Glebe Walk. Personally, I get a little flash of delight every time I spot one of these posts or labels. It’s exciting to think how these will fill out and complete this space that I love – and for years to come.

As you wander; it is evident that a lot of love and care has gone into rebuilding the bridges and walkways – see HERE for a post on the building process.

A few years ago; a fire was set in one of the dead trees. Thankfully, the damage was minimal and no one was hurt; however, it became necessary to cut away the tree (rather than the preferred route of leaving the stump and branch remains to become part of the ecology).

In June of 2015; ‘Aisling’ arrived to claim the tree stump as her new home.

Due to the light on the day; it was almost impossible to capture the tree sprite in a photo but Ellie managed beautifully.

Aisling in full flight

And for her in full glory

Please note that Aisling was created by Patrick Foley…whom I happen to know…                     

Oh and there’s even a geo-cache to be found!

The Photo credit for many of the shots used above belong to the fabulous and talented @EllieJayden – find her blog HERE and youtube channel HERE 

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