HOME TOURIST – The Railway Children Walk

the railway children leafletToday my friend Jess (@BookElfLeeds) took me on a walk in Haworth, Yorkshire.

She is climbing Ben Nevis for charity next month (it’s for a good cause – feel free to sponsor and also inspire her HERE) and wants to get in as much practice as possible. As I’ve long been fascinated by the village of Haworth – the home of the Bronte sisters; really enjoy a good meaty walk and have been actively been seeking out spots of beauty across Yorkshire – I readily (and perhaps somewhat rashly) agreed to keep her company.

We couldn’t have picked a better day to head out for a stroll. The weather which has been *whispers* almost unbearably close recently has finally broken away into glorious sunshine with the essential refreshing breeze dutifully in tow.

Parking up by the railway station, we headed up (unnecessarily as it transpired, but it turned out for the best!) to the tourist office to begin. We had already decided that we would be doing the full circular walk of 6 miles/10 km and picked up a very useful little map. Grasping our water bottles and adventurous spirit, we headed out.

Describing the initial stages of the walk as overgrown would be an understatement. While the path is signposted in the main and has clearly been maintained as a path for the most part – the fantastic spring and summer had resulted in person sized lupins and foxgloves battling it out for space with buttercups and nettles. Gardens and window boxes have exploded into colour and the fields and those spaces allowed to run wild looked almost magical.

It was beautiful but not ideal for two women wearing shorts/short trousers. Still it was passable and truly breath taking views throughout.

We had barely begun though when Jess discovered a mis-communication that made her blood run cold, despite the baking sun. When she had suggested the walk, I was in Ireland. I agreed without asking any pertanent questions about what exactly the walk entailed. As I hadn’t asked, I just assumed that the walk had been inspired by the wonderful children’s book. So while she was pointing out that the tourist office had been the butchers, I hadn’t really known what she meant.

I had, in fact, never seen the 1970’s version of the film. The Absolute Best version. The Definitive version. The whole bloomin’ reason for the whole bloomin’ walk!!!

She genuinely looked stricken so I quickly suggested that we remedy the situation by watching the film once we returned to Leeds. Whew, crisis reverted. The whole thing did make us reflect on our shared experiences growing up and where they diverge. All the while, Jess was pointing out bits and pieces that I would have to look out for later. Goody. Homework.

It’s difficult to describe the effects that nature and peace and tranquility can have on a person. Have a peek at the video to get a sense of how beautiful and lush the countryside was.


By the end of the walk, we were pooped, but very cheerfully so. We had taken the route anti-clockwise – backwards – and seemed to spend more time going down than climbing up. Yippee!! There were two hilly parts in the latter sections that nearly knocked the wind out of us – perhaps we should have brought snacks to keep our energy levels up! However, I was very proud of us. A wonderful day had been had and still the film to go!

As we returned to the car park, the train – which had been elusively hiding from me all day* sent a stream of steam into the sky and suddenly, the clouds drew in and large fat drops of rain began to fall. Even our timing was perfect today!


Also, Edith Nesbit was a renowned socialist. I’d no idea – read a bit more about her HERE


Because we are children…



Outside *the* house



Sadly the station was closed 😦






Find my quick review of The Railway Children film HERE

the railway children book cover


[youtube https://youtu.be/dIks0QVzWLk]

KINDLE – THE RAILWAY CHILDREN – Get your free copy here!
ITUNES – THE RAILWAY CHILDREN – Get your free copy here!


[youtube https://youtu.be/3FsOZyguxqU]

*Ok, there was this moment when I absolutely could have taken a photo but my hands were full of ice-lolly at the time. Thems the breaks.


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