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We came from across the…city mostly… but also the country …

My favourites so far!

My favourites so far!

Life has been all the hectic (and wonderful) recently so it felt like the right time to take a step back and focus on grounding myself, on returning to the people and the things that mean the most. So today I popped around to visit with some of the most awesome people in the world for a Natter, Nibbles and TV.

The day was hosted by the ineffable @Cidergirli (whom I first met online and who conveniently lives very close by). I have this whole theory that good things happen to me when Cider and I meet – so you can imagine my delight at the chance to catch up! She has been attending a spate of Brandon Flowers concerts recently across the UK and some of the European destinations so it’s been a while since we were both in the same place at the same time. Our bud J is an equally avid BF fan, Whedon sister and one of the true greats when it come to the art of the hug – which is not a title that I use lightly. We never meet but we are hyper and happy and bouncy so I associate her with the best of giggles! @Demonheadclash and I have known each other for years – we met on the bus and friendship blossomed as we discussed our respective reads. He is my horror guru and all round hilarious human being.

com 05 serious

A serious show

So, after the initial explosion of conversation, we settled down in front of our Nach-plosions (nachos as they were meant to be served) and selected the show of the day – season 1 of Community.

Now, I’ve heard a lot about Community but it didn’t really appeal to me. I’m not the hugest of fans of sitcoms and Chevy Chase is one of those comedic stars that I just don’t find funny. Bill Murray – I find funny even when he isn’t doing anything – Chevy Chase…not so much. Or at all.

com 02 i call failure living

Still don’t get it


Aside from that, I knew that the show had some issues with firing their director creator…then rehiring him a year later. It might sound stupid, but drama behind the scenes like that genuinely leaves me skittish about a show. I can go into my whole Gilmore Girls final season rant if you need evidence!

Over the years however, a number of mates – whose opinion I near unreservedly trust – have recommended that I give it a go (with one particularly emphatic that I am in fact the female version of Abed – @BookElfLeeds – now I’ve seen it, I completely concur) and it’s been impossible to visit tumblr without becoming aware of the awesome geek references, guest stars and giffability of the show.

Awesome guest stars

Awesome guest stars

The others were maybe 2 episodes into the first season (apologies again for all the questions – I hate not knowing background stuff!) so we started on episode 3 and immersed ourselves. I think we watched about 4 eps in total. To be honest, I’m still not entirely convinced but very positively disposed.

The characters all seem to be horrible people and every one that I singled out as a gem (Abed’s father; that accountancy professor) were guest stars! However, the set ups were fun, the zingers plentiful and watching with these particular members of my tribe has left me convinced that I’ll end up watching the lot at some point!

learning about sarcasm

learning about sarcasm

Too soon we had to call it a day. Such a lovely time. Can’t wait to see my beloved weirdos again soon. I think when the time rolls around, my suggestion for a show will be iZombie!




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