MUSIC – Car – Duets

A little while ago, I asked for suggestions towards putting together a CD of duets for the car.

Tonight, after spending a lovely evening in the company of some fabulous people – including the delightful @LeedsPlaylist, I’ve been inspired to share the choices with you all!

My criteria was simple – cheerful, pop-y duets that I could sing along too (without getting irritated by too quickly) that were relatively recent (rather than the golden oldies that I’ve included on a variety of CD’s over the years).

For the most part, I think that I’ve succeeded…though the longer I listen, the less convinced I am as to the cheerfullness – the Gillian Welch/Conon Oberst song is only uplifting till you listen to the lyrics!


Not Found on Spotify

Train Song – Feist and Ben Gibbard

Lua – Conor Oberst and Gillian Welch

When the Road Runs Out – Blonde Redhead and Devastations

Everything has Changed – Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Visit the Leeds Playlist website – HERE


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