Moon and Planet Gazing

For Christmas, himself and I received an astronomy book from my parents – 101 Objects to spot in the night sky. Though the year is only 4 days old, we’ve been putting it to good use already!!

Finally – for the first time in MONTHS the sky has been clear enough for us to take Terry (the telescope that himself built for me [swoon]) out into the back yard. She’s a bit chunky for taking our further afield though we have successful tried at least once.

We’ve been delighted to see Jupiter, two red bands across it and 4 of it’s moons – I Eat Green Cheese (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto).

We’ve also had some spectacular views of the moon the last few nights. One of the lenses magnifies it to the extent that you can’t fit the whole of the moon in the frame. Naturally I’m in hog heaven, rapidly trying to identify the different seas and landmarks!


Currently, we don’t have an efficient way of taking pictures via the telescope – the best I can offer at this point is the snap above – taken by my phone through the lens.


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