Day 8 Finale from William Tell Overture – Gioachino Rossini

Finale from William Tell Overture
Gioachino Rossini

Suggested by:Google Doodle – February 29th was the birth date of the composer. 

The instrumental opening to the 39th and final opera by Rossini – until his retirement, he was the most popular opera compose in history. Isn’t that a rather lovely thing to know about yourself? Very flattering. 

Rossini is a somewhat fascinating character. His father was a Bonaparte supporter – and served the time to prove it. A talented child, his abilities at the harpsichord, violin and piano rapidly became apparent.  

Comprising of 4 movements; each one follows the one before without pause – a structural anomaly. 

According to wikipedia:

The overture is scored for: a piccolo, a flute, two oboes (first or second oboe doubles a cor anglais (not a clue?)), two clarinets in A, two bassoons, four horns in G and E, two trumpets in E, three trombones, timpani, triangle, bass drum and cymbals, and strings. 

I think I love this piece. Without really liking it. It’s all so dramatic and meaningful, so full of itself and purpose. Which I despise. 

And yet. 

And yet.

I do actually love it. For all the reasons I shouldn’t. 

Frustrating this classical stuff isn’t it?  

This is one of the most frequently used pieces of classical music on American advertisements. 
Apparently – it is hypothesized –  this is because it specifically  appeals to male consumers. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but what a delicious thought!

In recent times, it has been popularised as the theme music for the Lone Ranger. 




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