Day 6 The Earth Prelude – Ludovico Einaudi

The Earth Prelude
Ludovico Einaudi

Suggested by: @srjf


“In general I don’t like definitions, but ‘Minimalist’ is a term that means elegance and openness, so I would prefer to be called a Minimalist than something else.”
Ludovico Einaudi


{Read up on Einaudi’s biography on his official website here!}

Onto the contemporary stylings of the Italian Einaudi – another recommendation from a twitter buddy and book clubber…I’m pretty lucky to have some inspired friends online – especially those willing to share their musical choices!

Einaudi is both a composer and piano player. Another collaborative creator; he has worked on a variety of projects during the last thirty years – each work allowing him the scope to continue to invent a melodious, personal and introspective sound all his own. 

I had to listen to this piece over and over to get a sense of it. Though undoubtedly beautiful; I’m not entirely sure what I feel about it – each time I tried to outline my thoughts, they would change! Deeply atmospheric, I love the different emotions inspired. This is one of those pieces that strikes a different mood depending on how the listener is feeling at the time. 

It was only after I started to read up on the composer that I realised that I actually own several of his film scores – I’ll definitely be going back after this challenge and having a proper listen to them – hopefully with a bit more of a sense of the composer’s intentions. 

Things I learned that I don’t quite understand
but hope to by the end of this challenge
This is England Soundtrack
I’m still here (the bizarre film directed by Casey Affleck about Joaquin Phoenix ‘Rap’ career)
I’d also like to explore the concept of minimalism as it applies to contemporary classical music. 




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