Day 5 On the Nature of Daylight – Max Richter

On the Nature of Daylight
Max Richter

Suggested by: @Monkeyson


Thanks again to Phil for suggesting this artist. I decided to use this piece (rather than the piece that lent its name to the album) as it a peculiar mix of contemporary music with a bit of an edge. Also, I’m trying to avoid lyrics until I get a better sense of the form I’m learning about. 

I found the album The Blue Notebooks, to be quite weird(but in a good way) and very much enjoyed the occasionally haunting, occasionally just plain odd readings by Tilda Swinton. Apparently she reads from Kafka’s Blue Octavo and other ‘shadow journals’.

German born, British composer Max Richter was a co-founder of the group Piano Circus. While with the group, he released five albums of contemporary classical music. Since his departure; Richter has released an eclectic mix of music – from classical; to documentary music; to an album of classical ring tones to merging sounds with poetry. Additionally he has produced several albums – each noted for a peculiar take on the composition.   

A collaborative and inventive composer, Richter has scored many films and recently worked with the dancer Wayne McGregor and the artist Julian Opie on the score for Infra. This was commissioned by the Royal Ballet. 

Things I learned that I don’t quite understand
but hope to by the end of this challenge


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