Day 4 Jupiter – Gustav Holst

Jupiter The Bringer of Jolity
Gustav Holst

Suggested by: @ArtmisFoul1812

Another piece that I am familiar with but have never actually been able to identify. Huge thanks to AF1812 for this suggestion – it’s very possible that she’s just introduced me to a whole new obsession. 

A 7 movement orchestral suite; this album was composed between 1914 and 1916 by Gustav Holst. This musically adventurous Englishman composed nearly 200 pieces – a diverse range of works from opera to ballet to songs and choral hymns. 

According to Wikipedia – the font of all known knowledge(!), Holst operated under the following Artistic Philosophy:

According to his friend Vaughan Williams, Holst once told him two things about art “that ought to be recorded”:1.) About ‘Aristocracy in art’ – art is not for all but only for the chosen few – but the only way to find those few is to bring art to everyone – then the artists have a sort of masonic signal by which they recognise each other in the crowd – he put it much better than that – but that is the gist.2.) That the artist is born again & starts afresh with every new work.

Each of the movements is named after the then discovered plants – excluding Earth itself, as is traditional in astrological practice. (Though Pluto was discovered in 1930 – 4 years before Holst death, he expressed no interest in composing an epilogue piece, having become somewhat disillusioned by The Plants popularity, overshadowing his other works.)

In my younger years; I had a keen interest in astronomy, so this is a very exciting find. 

Each of the pieces is designed to reflect the astrological charts of each of the mythological characters associated with each planet. Holst was a huge believer in astology and used to  

Things I learned that I don’t quite understand
but hope to by the end of this challenge

Well, I’m really looking forward to listening to each of the planets after the challenge ends. I’m going to listen and read up on all the mythology originals of the names. I might even squeeze in a read of Pluto – when  I were a kid – it was a planet too…

Have a listen here!


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