Day 3 Schindler’s List Theme – John Williams

Schindler’s List Theme
John Williams

OK, I promise, I won’t *only* be using songs that I originally heard in films. Honest!

However, this is something else. Something rather extraordinary. 

For one thing, it’s one of only two classical music pieces that I recognise the moment I hear it (the other being Now We Are Free…fom Gladiator {dammit}) and can name. 

Apparently when Steven Spielberg approached John Williams about composing the score for the film, Williams protested, indicating that the task requird a greater talent than his. Spielberg replied that he might be right; but all his betters were dead.

The famous Itzhak Perlman performed the violin parts. He generally uses a the antique Soil Stradivarius – a violin of 1714, formerly owned by Yehudi Menuhin. This violin is considered to be one of the finest violins made during Stradivari’s “golden period”. Perlman also plays the Sauret Guarneri del Gesu of c.1743.

This piece is performed on violin and piano and is supposed to be evocative and true to the period. The soundtrack itself won the Academy Award for original score. 

Things I learned that I don’t quite understand
but hope to by the end of this challenge

With regards to information I hope to explore in more detail; I want to read up on Stradivari and his golden period. 

Please have a listen to the song here!


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