Well I Never

Every now and again, I’ll pick up on some ‘fact’ that I’m fairly certain can’t possibly be true but never bother to actually look it up. 

Yesterday the fella cleared up one of these for me.

Carrots Improve Eye Sight
Get it? Coz of the…nevermind

Fact or Fantasy?
The idea that carrot consumption improves eyesight goes back to the Second World War.

The British had developed radar and were succeeding in taking down more German planes than expected.

To hide the fact they had this technology; the propaganda mill at the Air Ministry jumped into action. They started spreading the idea that British airmen had been eating carrots – which drastically improved their eyesight!

And so a legend (lie) was born!

The Actual Science Bit
Over the years, the following has been decided by important intelligent people who probably wear white coats.
Beta Carotene found in carrots converts inside the body to Vitamin A. This vitamin maintains vision, amongst other things.
An absence of this Vit A can adversely impact your sight.

However, no matter how many carrots you eat, your eyesight won’t improve!

I appreciate that this might not be of interest to anyone else but idiotic randoms like these are my catnip. 


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