HOME TOURIST – Garryhinch Woods

Every time I come home, I discover a new place that I love!

The last time it was Father Browne – a world renowned photographer based at Emo House (which I don’t think I’ve blogged about – that will be remedied in due course!) which has some particularly gorgeous walks open to the public.

On this trip, we headed out for a stroll in the fantastically atmospheric Garryhinch Woods or Garraí Inse for those conversant in the auld tongue – garden of the river.

2014 - garryhinch

some scouts have been busy

Garryhinch was originally part of the Warburton estate alongside the borders of Offaly and Laois (pronounced Leesh) and divided by the river Barrow – one of the Three Sisters. There are a number of different walks available and outlined on a map that…well, I think it’s upside down from a walkers perspective but heck, it works!

Sadly, after 20 minutes or so it started to rain and we were forced to curtail our walk – though there was still enough time though to pick up on the spirit of the place.

Photo from walkingroutes.ie

Photo from walkingroutes.ie

Deer, pine martins and red squirrel can all be seen here, as well as a plethora on bird life and of course trees, shrubs and plants. I can’t wait to head back on a day when the skies haven’t opened overhead to explore in more details. Interesting side note, the counties of Offaly and Laois are unusual in having greater numbers of indigenous red squirrels rather than the American grey. This is likely due to the increasing population of pine martins – more information HERE and HERE.

For someone who lives in a city, the quiet to be found here is a thing of wonder. No planes flying overhead; any car driving by muted…just the sound of water and rain and wind and nature. If you get the chance, take a stroll. It’s good for the soul.


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