KNIT – Baby Yoda Knit Hat (with Free Pattern)

That’s it. I have to learn how to knit in the round.

FuzzyCloudDesigns Blog

Blog - Yoda Hat 010aA college friend of mine had a baby recently and upon seeing the facebook announcement my thoughts went something like: “Oh how exciting, he’s so cute! What can I knit for him? Wait, what’s his name? Oh, they chose a good one. …Baby booties would be adorable, but who actually uses those? I hope he’s healthy… Oh, maybe a teensy hat!”

Clearly my priorities are a bit muddled but they did result in the cutest thing on this blog yet… or maybe ever in its future existence. The hat itself is a breeze to knit and works up quickly using bulky yarn. The hardest thing is stitching the ears on so they stand out symmetrically and don’t flop too much.

Since I didn’t have a readily available newborn baby, I modeled the hat on a ball of yarn which I approximate to be the size of a baby’s head. That…

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